Spring 2015
- Seminar in Language and Literature; Fantastic Voyages: Modern Media of Exploration and Discovery

This course will examine traditions that emerge when we consider modern media as tools of exploration and discovery. One tradition consists of images made to document geographical discovery, such as the lantern slides and films made about various Antarctica expeditions of the 1910s, African safari documents, and films in the service of anthropological and evolutionary research. In addition to narratives of geographical discovery, we will also examine cinema's role in the service of other kinds of exploration, particularly the kinds of discovery made possible by technical extensions of the senses (e.g. the microscope, the telescope, etc.). We will read novels, short stories, travel accounts, and watch a host of films that either document or imagine the experience of travel and discovery. Titles include: Frankenstein; The Fantastic Voyage; X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes; 2001; 90 Degrees South; 20,000 Leagues under the Sea; Voyage to the Center of the Earth; War of the Worlds; The Time Machine; The Powers of Ten.


Junior standing or higher; must be in the English Language and Literature program. Permission from the Director of Honors required.


Course intended for students in English Honors Program and for English majors with strong academic records. Repeatable to 9 credits if content differs.