ENGL360 - African, Indian and Caribbean Writers

Selected writers from countries formerly colonies of Britain, France, Denmark, etc. Attention to ways regions have developed distinctive political and aesthetic values resulting from indigenous traditions and foreign influences.

This course involves a study of selected novels and poetry by writers from the Caribbean, South Asia, Africa and the diaspora. Writers may include  Zadie Smith, Jhumpa Lahiri, Caryl Philips, Helen Habila, Ama Ata Aidoo, Jamaica Kincaid, Mohsin Hamid, Chris Abani, Derek Walcottt, Lorna Goodison, Ogaga Ifowodo and  Nissim Ezekiel among others. We will focus on issues pertaining to migration, exile, diasporic nostalgia, nationalism, war, terrorism and the environment. We will pay particular attention to not just what  literature has to say about these issues but also how it deploys literary modes to engage with large and often difficult political and ethical issues. We will thus pay attention to form, genre, style, literary history and aesthetics as they impinge on the larger political and ethical issues. There will be 4  response papers (2 pages), one critical paper (7-10 pages), and one exam.