ENGL428F - Seminar in Language and Literature; Race, Class, and Narrative
This course explores the relationship between 20th- and 21st -century African American cinema and literature in terms of their dealings with historical trauma. We will consider the different forms and techniques of these two media and how they variously represent memory, history, family dynamics, social and political events, popular culture, and the lived experiences of black subjects. Sample literature includes Mat Johnson’s Loving Day, the 1967 Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia, Colson Whitehead’s Underground Railroad, and Nella Larsen’s Passing, and sample films include The Retrieval, Lost Boundaries, Illusions, and Loving, as well as the television series Underground.
Repeatable to 9 credits if content differs. Course intended for students in English Honors Program and for majors with strong academic records. Permission required.
Junior standing. For ENGL majors only.  Permission of Honors Director.