ENGL748L - Seminar in American Literature; Developments in the 19th-Century American Novel

The goal of the course is to engage the history of the nineteenth-century American novel and the critical debate on that history. We will be considering such large themes as domesticity, racial nationalism, transnationalism, the frontier and expansionism, romance and realism, sentimentalism, and social class. Readings will begin with Hannah Foster’s The Coquette (we’ll use the Norton Critical Edition), and Charles Brockden Brown’s Edgar Huntley (Penguin or Hackett edition would be fine), and we’ll decide on the rest of the readings the first day of class (thus I’ll be asking you to make your purchases on-line or at bookstores of your choice; you might order both the Foster and Brown before the semester begins). The requirements are several class presentations, a short paper, and a seminar paper.