ENGL398R - Topics in Professional Writing; Writing Non-Fictional Narratives

This course focuses on writing, editing, and reading about nonfiction narrative–a kind of writing influenced by fiction, magazine journalism, memoir, and personal essay. Students learn to use many of the same tools as fiction writers, including scene shifts, dialogue, vivid description, developing characters, nonlinear structure, and shifts in tense, time and points of view. However, unlike fiction, writers of nonfiction narratives try to tell true stories. Assignments include nonfiction narrative essays, query letters, audience analysis, and publisher analysis. The skills learned in this course are in high demand in the workplace. Beyond a traditional job in publishing, students looking at careers that involve proposal writing, work documentation, lobbying, social marketing, political commentary, and even blogging can benefit from a foundation in the nonfiction narrative form.

For more information about this course please see the Professional Writing Programs website.