ENGL294 - Persuasion and Cleverness in Social Media

Prerequisite: Must have satisfied Fundamental Studies Academic Writing requirement.

Exploration of various persuasive media encountered in daily life through the lens of rhetorical and critical theories. Principles of rhetoric and analysis of how persuasion functions across media. Invention of effective multimedia works appropriate to purpose, audience, and context. Concepts from cultural studies used to develop critical awareness about power and ideology and how they influence the way people produce and understand messages. By integration of technology, rhetoric, and cultural studies, students become more critically-rhetorically informed thinkers, authors, and audiences of arguments and culture in the digital age. Writing intensive course. No prior multimedia experience is expected.

This course helps you develop the ability to read, write, and think critically and rhetorically about the various media you encounter in daily life through an inquiry based learning/teaching approach. You will learn to apply the principles of rhetoric to analyze multimedia arguments and produce effective digital composition appropriate for your purpose, audience and context. In addition, you will learn concepts from cultural studies to develop critical awareness about power and ideology and how they influence how people construct and interpret arguments. Made up of three units, the course helps you master four primary skills: 1) close, critical reading of visual rhetoric, b) analysis and interrogation of societal beliefs and assumptions, c) multimedia composing, and d) engaged reflection about your rhetorical and literacy practices. By integrating technology, rhetoric, and cultural studies, the course helps you become a more critically-rhetorically informed thinker, author, and audience of persuasive media and culture in the twenty-first century.