The Smithsonian Book of Books

Smithsonian Books, 2003

Through more than 300 glorious illustrations from library collections around the globe, you’ll discover a wealth of book lore in these pages and gain a new appreciation for the role of books in human society, from our earliest attempts at writing and recording information to the newest electronic books; from sumptuous illuminated and bejeweled medieval manuscripts to Gutenberg and the invention of movable type; from the diverse arts and crafts of bookmaking to the building of magnificent libraries for housing treasured volumes; from the ancient epic of Gilgamesh to the plays of Shakespeare and the tales of Beatrix Potter; and from the earliest illustrated books to revolutionary science texts.

“Succeeds beautifully. Olmert’s lively text describes the evolution of the book and its impact on society.” - Bloomsbury Review

“The ultimate thrill for readers: beautiful, copious illustrations, and text that leaves no page of book history unturned.” - Los Angeles Daily News

“A feast for book lovers.” - Publishers Weekly