Enrolled Graduate Student Schedule Request Form 2018-19

Background Information
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Course Preferences
Please list the courses you would like to teach in the 2018-19 academic year, in order of preference. You can find a list of applicable courses at the end of this form.
Note: Non-Funded Graduate Students/GA's may teach no more than 2 sections each semester.
Scheduling Preferences
Indicate all of the days and times you are able to teach for each semester. Instructors can expect to alternate between MWF and TuTh schedules each semester. Every effort will be made to accommodate scheduling preferences, but individual requests may have to yield to departmental demands.
Note:For Fall & Non-Funded Graduate Students/GA's only
All Courses
Having noted your preferences above, please select all of the courses you are interested in teaching for the 2018-19 academic year. Note that not all courses will be offered every semester and course offerings are subject to change.
ENGL101 course assignments are made by the Director of Academic Writing.
Creative Writing course assignments are made by the Director of Creative Writing in consultation with the Associate Chair and are generally reserved for MFA students.
Summer and Winter Terms
Please check each term you would like to be considered to teach. You must be comfortable with and have experience teaching in online and blended formats
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