Classroom Support

The parties responsible for supporting classroom spaces in Tawes Hall have changed as of fall 2018.

General Purpose Classrooms are now supported by the Division of Information Technology (DIT). Spaces owned by the Department of English are now supported by the College of Arts and Humanities (ARHU). Their respective contact information is listed below, along with a list delinating which office to contact for support by room. Sheets indicating the party responsible for supporting each learning space are posted near the workstation and at the door to each space.

General Purpose Classrooms
Division of Information Technology (DIT)

Classroom Support is provided by DIT
M-F 7:45 AM - 10 PM

Department of English Spaces
College of Arts and Humanities (ARHU)
0231 Tawes

Classroom Support is provided by ARHU
M-Th 8 AM - 10 PM, and F 8 AM - 3 PM

Experiencing trouble with classroom support, or long wait times? Report problems and concerns using our webform, or directly to Kevin Nesline, Director of Operations, via email at

Print-friendly (PDF) Version of Classroom Support List

0223TWSComputer Lab40ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
0224TWSComputer Lab25ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
0230TWSComputer Lab25ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
0232TWSComputer Lab25ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
1121TWSUlrich Recital Hall170ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
1123TWSConference Room10ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
1223TWSConference Room10ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
2115TWSLounge40ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
2119DTWSConference Room20ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
2123TWSConference Room10ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
3132TWSSeminar Room22ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
3134TWSSeminar Room16ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
3136TWSSeminar Room18ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
3248TWSSeminar Room16ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
3250TWSSeminar Room18ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes
3252TWSSeminar Room20ARHU301-405-37820231 Tawes