Time Entry Instructions

Time can be entered through the PHR system on-line at:

Pay Schedule for Fiscal Year 2016:

Payroll Deduction Schedule

Directions for Completing Faculty Timesheets

To approve the current pay period:

  1. Go to www.timesheets.umd.edu.
  2. Click "Login" at the top of the list and complete the log in screen.  When the screen tells you your login was successful, click Continue.
  3. Under the words “Select Pay Period,” the pull-down menu should already have “Current Pay Period” selected for you.
  4. Click "Complete Your Time/Leave Record."
  5. When your timesheet screen appears, it will already have the form filled out under the assumption that you did not take any leave.  If you did not take any leave, you will not need to make any changes.  If you did take leave, simply uncheck the duty day box and enter the number of hours in the fields for the appropriate days.
  6. Click the "Save Leave Entered & Final Faculty Signoff"  button near the bottom of the screen.

Checking Prior Pay Periods:

  1. Click the button near the bottom of the screen that says “Pay Period Summary.”  This will bring up a list of all pay periods for this fiscal year.  Under the “Employee Approval” Column, it will list “No” for any pay period you have not yet approved.  If your list shows “Yes” for all pay periods, your records are up-to-date, and you may log out.  If your list shows “No” for any pay period, please continue on to steps 8-11 to approve the previous pay periods.