The Study Abroad Process

You’ve heard some wonderful things about studying abroad. Here’s where to start:

  1. Research the various programs being offered and find out which ones interest you most (Education Aborad has a full list of programs that students can search on their website).
  2. Talk to a Study Abroad advisor about the programs you’re interested in  and confirm suitability of chosen programs.  For information on scheduling an appointment, please click here.
  3. Meet with an English advisor to see how studying abroad works with your remaining major requirements.*
  4. Meet with an ARHU advisor to see how studying abroad is possible with your CORE or General Education requirements and graduation goals.*

*Steps 3 and 4, while a wonderful idea, are optional at this point in the process. Please know that the English Department and ARHU Advising Office want you to study abroad and will work with you to make the experience fit into your 4 Year Plan.

Now you’re ready to apply to your chosen program on the Education Abroad website:

  • Make sure you know the deadlines. Generally speaking:
    • Applications for full year and fall semester abroad are due in early March.
    • Applications for spring semester and winter abroad are due in early October.
    • Applications for summer abroad are due in middle February.

If accepted:

  1. Meet with Study Abroad advisors to pick out courses, verify transferability of credits. You will be given a Permission to Study Abroad (PSA) Form. The Education Abroad Office is located in 1118 HJ Patterson Hall.
  2. Review your selected courses in the Transfer Credit Center to check whether they have previously been transferred.
  3. Make an appointment with an English advisor explicitly for studying abroad in the next semester (this is different from just getting your block removed) to receive approval of film and/or literature courses for the major.
  4. For this meeting you should bring:
  • Printed hard copies syllabi of each course being evaluated. Do not show us the syllabi on your laptop.
    • Note: If course syllabi are not available, it is your responsibility to contact the professor or department abroad for the class reading list and written assigment requirements (which includes the final exam). Contact your study abroad advisor for assistance with this.
  • Make sure to calculate the written assignment requirements (250 words = 1 page) and highlight the final exam component on the syllabi
  • Permission to Study Abroad (PSA) form

As a rule:

  • For a course to be approved at the 300-level, it must require 10-12 pages of written work and a final exam equivalent
  • For a course to be approved at the 400-level, it must require 12-15 pages of written work and a final exam equivalent.

Please note that evaluating courses is a timely process and you may need to make an additional appointment. However, you can shorten the process by submitting the required course information above 1-2 days before your appointment.

For final approval of the study abroad process you must make an appointment with ARHU after meeting your English advisor.

                Note: ARHU will direct you to the appropriate departments to approve any remaining courses.

How to Receive Advising While Abroad

You should still check your UMD e-mail account while abroad for updates on your registration date. You can contact the English department at to be directed to an advisor for pre-registration advising. If you would like to speak on the phone, please schedule an appointment with an advisor as you would for in-person advising.

During registration time, students can receive 30 minutes of phone advising. Any follow-up questions or concerns can be addressed through e-mail or in another scheduled phone advising appointment.