Financial Aid

Students who are interested in going abroad should look into the costs of the different programs avialble. Education Abroad has a general outline of costs for Maryland and Affiliate study abroad programs on their website. This resource provides a starting estimate for students to judge the affordability and means to finance their study abroad experience.

There a numerous scholarships and financial aid available to students interested in studying abroad. Students should review the resources being offered both by the univerisity and from outside sources to determine their options and get the funding for their trip away.

Some places to find out information are:

  • Education Abroad has a number of financial resources:
    • Study Abroad Scholarships: incluing UMD's Education Abroad fund, National and other scholarships from the Unviersity and other sources
    • Financial Aid: includes a list of federal and state financial aid options, infomration about other organizations and savings' funds, and how to ensure that aid will apply toward your study abroad program
  • UMD's National Scholarship Office offers students information, support, and guidance to apply for a number of national scholarships, including some for studying abroad. A few of note are:
    • The Boren Scholarship - award for intensive international language study; UMD leads the nation in recipients of the Boren Scholarship.
    • The Critical Language Scholarship - for the intensive study of critical need foriegn languages for students wishing to continue study and use of the language in their professional careers.
    • Fulbright US Student Program - offers an academic study grant and an English Teaching Assistantship.
    • Gilman International Scholarship - grant provided to students of limited financial means (eligbile for the Pell Grant) to study abroad
    • And more! See the opportunites for Study Abroad/Language Study organized by class year.
    • A directory of study abroad scholarships, instruction on how to fund your time abroad and many other resources

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