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OMSE - Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education

Looking for On-Campus Resources?

Have something you need assistance with and you don't know where to go? The 2019-2020 edition of the Campus Resource Directory contains descriptions and contact information on the comprehensive array of resources avialable on campus for students.

Online Student Success Orientation 

 The Online Student Success Orientation is a one hour, ELMS-based tutorial that explores interaction strategies and best practices for students enrolled in a course whose content is fully or mostly online.  The free, self-paced, non-credit tutorial walks students through suggested preparations for starting out strong during the first week of class, staying on top of things through the following weeks, and regrouping if they are negatively impacted by pitfalls common to online learning. Students who review all of the content can receive a certificate of completion.

Students can enroll in this free tutorial through the Canvas Catalog using their directory id credentials. Once enrolled in the course, OSSO will appear in a student’s Courses list after logging into ELMS.  Please share this link with your students:

Need Help with a Paper?

Struggling with a Class?

  1. Early action is the key.  Get help early in the semester, at the first sign of a problem.
  2. The first stop is the professor who teaches the class. Every professor has posted office hours when they are available to work one-on-one with students.
  3. If applicable, your teaching assistant for the class can review course material with you.
  4. Make an appointment to speak with your English and/or Arts and Humanities advisors, who can provide you with alternative course options, help you decide whether it's appropriate to withdraw from a course, and point you toward various campus resources.
  5. Take advantage of the numerous resources available to you at the University of Maryland:
    • The Counseling Center  (Main Lobby, Shoemaker Building, 301-314-7651) offers individual and group counseling for academic, personal, interpersonal, and vocational topics. There are numerous support services available: 
      • Learning Assistance Services offers tutoring and workshops on study skills and time management.  (2202 Shoemaker Building, 301-314-7693,
      • Disability Support Services provides assistance to students with physical and learning disabilities. Students who sign with DSS may receive reasonable accommodations, such as additional time for tests and papers.  (0106 Shoemaker Building, 301-314-7682,
      • Other Special Services: Returning students program for those 25 and over who have experienced a break in their formal education and are now returning; other supportive services for probation, ESOL, and transfer students.
    • The Math Department offers tutoring for math courses.  (Math Building, 301-405-5047)
    • Math Success Program is a free drop-in coaching service open to both campus residents and commuter students.  (Oakland Hall Academic Enrichment Center, ground floor, 301-314-2100)
    • The Writing Center provides assistance with writing for any undergraduate course through trained consultants.  Appointments encouraged.  (1205 Tawes Hall, 301-405-3785)
    • University Health Center for stress management, medical services, and substance abuse prevention.  (301-314-8180, appointments required)
    • Athletes can request tutoring through the Academic Support & Career Development Unit (ASCDU) Tutorial Program.  See your ASCDU counselor or sign-up in the Comcast Center (1st Floor Comcast Center, 301-314-7043)