How It Works

Honors Coursework:

Honors students meet the same requirements as other English majors, but five of the courses in the major will be designated Honors courses.  The five courses together amount to 12 credits.

  • Three of the five courses are related to the Senior Honors Project: ENGL370 (1 credit), ENGL373 (2 credits), and ENGL495 (3 credits). 
  • The other two courses are ENGL428 Senior Seminars (3 credits each) on varying topics. Senior English seminars will meet existing requirements for the major.  They will be offered each semester and they are limited to 20 students.

Senior Honors Project:

All Honors students do a Senior Project, which can be a thesis, or, for students who have done extremely well in the department’s creative writing workshops, a creative writing project. A senior thesis is at least 25 pages, though students can and often do write more.  A creative writing project must be at least 40 pages. 

Planning for the thesis is as follows:

  • In the spring semester of the junior year, students enroll in ENGL370. By the end of that course, students will have selected their topic in conversation with their advisor, and will have begun reading and planning their project.
  • In the fall semester of the senior year, students enroll in ENGL373, a research, writing, and editing workshop.  
  • In the spring semester of the senior year, students enroll in ENGL495, an independent study in which they complete their project and defend it in a colloquium with three or four faculty readers.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate students who wish to study abroad for a semester while pursuing English honors.

Interested Students:

A full program description is available. Any further questions can be directed to Dr. Jason Rudy,, Director of English Honors. The application and instructions are available on How To Apply.