Senior Honors Project Examples

Selected Recent Senior Honors Projects


Lauren Baker, “The Nature of Magic: Ecocritical Response in The Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire

Isabella Brewer, “George Eliot and the Construction of a Sympathetic World”

Megan Conley, “‘Handled the Filipino Way’: Nick Joaquin’s Tropical Gothic and Revising the Postcolonial Filipino Identity”

Yury Delgado, “Dominican Identity and Folklore: A Look at the Poetry of Elizabeth Acevedo”

Emily Fitzgerald, “Scratch Art”

Kian Kelley-Chung, “Humano Pt. 3: La Bestia”

Gemma Kim, “Breaking Down Faces: Accepting the Multiplicity of the Multiethnic Self”

*Jimmy Lizama, “The Trump Administration’s Framing of MS-13 Gang Violence: Constructing Unauthorized Central American Immigrants as Threats to American Lives and Communities”

Maggie Loughlin, “Funhouse Mirrors, Broken Windows, and Jammed Sliding Glass Doors: Emily Dickinson in the Classroom”

Jessica Morris, “Yachad, Lev el Lev; Together, Heart to Heart”

Jacqueline Mueck, “When They Tell Us”

Charles O’Melia, “A Heap of Broken Images: Identity in the Hands of James Joyce”

Gustavo Quintero, “Fantastic Environments as Socio-Political ‘Thought Experiments’ in Secondary World Fiction”

Elysa Zebersky, “Graphic Novels: Depiction of Doomsday or of the Holocaust?” 

Recipient of Sandy Mack Award for the year’s best work in English honors.


Yasmine Albanna, “Language, Gender, and Identity in The Sand Fish: The UAE’s First Postcolonial Novel”

Jenna Bachman, “The Personal Overrides the Political: Post-Feminist Argument Trends in the Discourse of Women Not Supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election”

Ali Badreddine, “I Am the Hole in Things: Batman and Loss of Faith”

Cayli Baker, “Violence as Subversion: The Language of Suffrage in ‘Circe’ and ‘My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun –’”

Klara Boger, “Racial Passing and Epistemologies in the Works of Sui Sin Far”

*Bethany Cox, “Who are ‘The Homeless’?: A Rhetorical Analysis of Homelessness as Represented and Constructed by the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act”

Lisa Dammeyer, “The Grey Area”

Halie Danielson, “‘That’s Something Humans Do, Right?’: Supernatural Through an Asexual Lens”

Jacy Eisel, “Whiskey Freedoms: The First Delivery”

*Elliot Frank, “Environmental Racism and Black Nature in Komunyakaa's Magic City

Victoria Jennings, “Baltimore Polytechnic Institute: Examining Students’ Engagement with Literature”

Christine Kirchner, “Dreams and Nightmares: Lost Horizon’s Shangri-La”

Jenna Klaverweiden, “Pinterest, Women, and Labor: Pinning for the Ideal Image, Home, and Life”

Julia Maier, “A Rapture on the Lonely Shore”

Courtney Steininger, “Children of God: Understanding Marilynne Robinson’s Home as a Mode of Religious Literature”

Radhika Tyagi, “Narrative’s Place in a Pre-Health Curriculum”

Emily Wescott, “Emerson, Whiteness, and the Natural World: From Nature to English Traits

Mitchell Wilson, “Race, Sensation, and Detection: Colonial Anxiety in The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

Recipient of Sandy Mack Award for the year’s best work in English honors.


Alexa Brennan, "A First-Rate Girl: A Creative Thesis Project"

Elizabeth Caldera, "The Suffering Heronine of Mansfield Park"

Soumini Chatterjee, "The Fabric of Fictional Arranged Marriages Interwoven With a Touch of Reality"

Sudipta Das, "Bande Mataram: An Early Attempt at Indian Nationalism"

Sophie Dean, "The Most Exquisite Moment: Reading Clarissa’s Memorialization of the Kiss as a Queer Resistance of Heterosexual Narratives"

Casey DeFrancesco, "Through the Eyes of the Beholder: Decoding Paratexts in Translations of Sei Shonagon's The Pillow Book"

*Elizabeth Lewis, “Gloria Steinem: The Face of Feminism in the New York Times”

Warren Griffiths, "Ecology and the Southern Gothic: Sublime Fluidity in Faulkner's Old Man"

Jonathan Offenberg, "Passing the Thump: Nature and Working-class in Moby-Dick"

Ashley Stefun, “Progress is a Two-Way Street: Examining Bi-directional Transfer Across Languages and Contexts"

Rachel Walker, "'In Paint, In Blood': Ekphrasis and Trauma in Natasha Trethewey's Thrall"

Recipient of Sandy Mack Award for the year’s best work in English honors.


Alexander Blinkoff, “The Death of the Emerald Ace”

Erin Cheslow, “Strange New Worlds: Science Fiction, Empire, and Mythologies of Extinction and Survival”

Isabel Finkelstein, “Sounding Experience: A Consideration of Three Aesthetic Moments”

Morgan Folger, “Reframing Apocalyptic Environmental Narratives Through Optimistic Appeals”

Paige Goodwin, “Uncertainty & Doubt in John Patrick Shanley’s Play”

Dionte Harris, “Toward a Theory of Black Queer Male Childhood”

Stephen Mince, “‘What New Strange Ways Our Modern Beaus Devise’: Gender Fluidity in Susanna Centlivre’s A Bold Stroke for a Wife

Chandini Narang, “Environmental Writing uses the Transformative Power of Literary Characters in Reality to Promote the Conservation Movement”

Stacia Odenwald, “‘Things in the Head’: A Study of Things in Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry”

*Casey Patterson, "Teju Cole’s Open City and the Cosmopolitan Ideal"

Alejandro Paz, “A Place to ‘talk of time and change’: Experience, Perspective and the Titan’s Cave in Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound

Cara Reilly, “‘If She Is To Write Fiction’: Systemic Exclusion of Female Writers by the Publishing Industry”

Tarika Sankar, “Love Comics and Cinderella: Indo-Caribbean Women Negotiate Sexuality in Ramabai Espinet’s The Swinging Bridge and Ryhaan Shah’s A Silent Life”

Emily Shwake, “ZZ Packer’s Drinking Coffee Elsewhere In Danger of Failing to Rise”

Katherine Stuller, “Grasmere: A Play for Dorothy Wordsworth”

Reis Ely Vance, “CivilWarLand on Screen: Mass Media Industry, Historical Identity Erasure, and the Professional South of George Saunders and Percival Everett”

Akhila Vishnubhotla, “Forget Her Not: Analyzing Palace of Illusions As a Feminist Retelling of the Mahabharata

Recipient of Sandy Mack Award for the year’s best work in English honors.


Dean Delasalas, "Incorporating the Teachings of Applied Legal Storytelling into Legal Writing Texts"

Amanda Dew, "The Way We Look to Us All: An Examination of Female Binaries in The Hills as They Relate to Those Created in American Conduct Literature "

Michael Lawrence, "The American Writer as Good Citizen: David Foster Wallace and the Form of Political Engagement in The Pale King"

Jasmine Marcelo, "How Can Fanfiction Change The Way We Look at American Publishing Practices?"

Jonathan Raeder, "Last Call for the Boiling Man"

Christopher Stevenson, “Every Anarchist is a Baffled Dictator"

Nicole Stevenson, "The Other Gissing Girl: Exploring Monica Madden as the New Woman in George Gissing’s The Odd Women"

Lenaya Stewart, "Another Black Experience"

Aurora Wheeland, "Catherine’s Exceptional Body: The Haunting Of The Law In Wuthering Heights"

*Caroline White, "Warmth Equation" 

Recipient of Sandy Mack Award for the year’s best work in English honors.


Siobhan Cully, "The Love that Dies Not: Glimpses of Utopia in Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales "

Tajah Ebram, "At 'Home' and Abroad in Andrea Lee’s Interesting Women: Reconsidering Black Women’s Literary Tradition"

Anna Johnson, "'The Tree of Life My Soul Hath Seen:' Riddle 55 and its Religious Context"

Mian Khalid, "Hybrid Identity in the Poetic Form of Agha Shahid Ali's Ghazal"

*Sydney Rende, "At Night"

* Recipient of Sandy Mack Award for the year’s best work in English honors.


Kelsey Cycan, "Been There, Done That: Nostalgia in Don DeLillo's White Noise and Cormac McCarthy's The Road"

James Grammar, "Trading Nature for Capitalism: the Progress Myth in Villiers de l'Isle-Adam's Tomorrow's Eve"

*Bruria Hammer-Bleich,"'I am too big, too big by far': Containing Emotion Through Form in Elizabeth Bishop's Writing"

Raishay Lin, "Unmothered Daughters: Sexuality, Maternity, and Survival in Works by Edith Wharton"

Alexa Minesinger, "A Jolly Entry in the Dickens Canon: New Structures of Pessimism in Martin Chuzzlewit"

Katherine Richard, "Reclaiming, Resisting, and Rewriting: Storytelling in Paul Beatty's The White Boy Shuffle and Isabel Allende's The House of the Spirits"

Sana Siddiqui, "Triple Consciousness: A New Reading of The Lonely Londoners"

* Recipient of Sandy Mack Award for the year’s best work in English honors.


Prachi Bagadia, The Poetics of Space in Part One of Samuel Beckett's Molloy"

*Logan Blizzard, "The Photographis Novel: Image and Text in W.G. Sebald's Austerlitz"

Nathan Dize, La Folle et l'Autre Femme: Perceptions of Identity in the Works of Myriam Warner-Vieyra"

Kara Estelle, "Unreliable and Alternate Narratives: Voice and Pwer in Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita and Ada, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle"

Allison Gibeily, "Certain Ambivalence: The Tangled Vectors of Larkins 'The Church Going'"

Victoria Jones, "This is Rebecca"

Colby Smith, "The Blood Stays on the Blade: The History of New York City in the Films of Martin Scorsese"

Wenfei Zhou, "L'Ève future, Figure, or the Political Gestures of the Nonsensical"

* Recipient of Sandy Mack Award for the year’s best work in English honors.


Anna Haraseyko, "We Are the Words; We Are the Music; We Are the Thing Itself"

*Christopher M. Henry, "The Museum of Misshapens: Abjection in the Novels of Don Delillo"

Peter D. Prokesch, "John Steinbeck's East of Eden"

William Burch, "Textual Misbehavior: The Body and Location Queer Space Etc."

Kevin Ford, "The Play Is Memory: Toward A Definition of the Memory Play Genre"

* Recipient of Sandy Mack Award for the year’s best work in English honors.


Malcolm Harris, “A War of Juxtaposition: Abstraction, Narrative, and The Common”

Madeleine Lincoln, “The Revealing Facades of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night and Ernest Hemmingway’s The Sun Also Rises

Jenna McKay, “Bodies of Literature: Navigating Symbolism through the Grotesque and the Carnivalesque”

*Joshua Winskowski, “‘A word to the wise guy:’ Naked Lunch as a ‘How-To’ Weapon for Political Resistance”

Stephanie Wolf, “Narcissus, Dorian Gray, and the Transformative Power of Beauty”

Steven Yenzer, “The Auction and Other Stories” (Fiction)

* Recipient of Sandy Mack Award for the year’s best work in English honors.

Past Senior Honors Projects

Faryan Amir-Ghassemi, “An Archive of Transition: The Deconstruction of Process and its Spatial Significance Towards Western 20th Century Aesthetics” - 5/07

Christine Bailey, "Representations of Rape: How Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Jones’ Eva’s Man, and Kingston’s The Woman Warrior Address Rape Culture" –5/96

Chris Bancells, “The Heart of Betrayal” (Fiction) – 5/02

Kingsley Bedell, "A Rhetorical Analysis of the Book of I John" - 5/97

Ezequiel Berdichevsky, "Guys Without Dolls: The Homosocial Order and the American Gangster Film" - 5/98

Allison Bigelow, “(In)Articulations of National Identity: Physical and Human Natures in Charles Brockden Brown’s Edgar Huntly” - 5/03

Erik Blankinship, "Creating Children’s Literature on the Web: An Introduction to Clay Camp" - 5/97

Christina Braganza, “Oral Argument in the United States Supreme Court Case Roe v. Wade” - 5/03

* Shannon Brennan, “Writing the Major Forms of Anglo-American Poetry” (Poems and criticism) - 5/03

Michael Brokos, “Into the Rapture: An Essay and Poems” - 5/07

Paige Campbell, “Stories from the Rain: The Floods of May 2 and How Hurley Survived Them” (Creative nonfiction) - 5/03

Michael Cameron, “‘It’s All in the Game:’ Philosophy and Structure behind HBO’s The Wire” - 5/09

Louis Cannon, "‘Jewgreek is greekjew. Extremes meet:’ An Examination of Stephan and Bloom’s Relationship in James Joyce’s Ulysses" - 5/01

Caitlin Carter, “Cormac McCarthy: Ethics, and the Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the Western Genre in No Country for Old Men and The Road” - 5/09

Wyatt Channell, "Constructing Angels" (Poems) - 5/01

Steven W. Chase, “The Natural Sweetness” (Fiction) – 5/02

Jeanne Choi, "The Rhetoric of Community on Asian American Websites" - 5/01

Carol Chong, "Aemilia Lanyer and Mary Astell: Creating a Female Community in Response to Seventeenth-Century Gender Ideology" - 5/97

Robin Clark, "Coming About: Nautical Metaphor in Derek Walcott’s Omeros" - 5/01

Stacy P. Cohen, "Harbor" (Poems) - 5/95

Luisa Cole, “Thomas Hardy’s Art and Vision” - 5/08

Clifford Cooper, “Representative Government: The Rise, Plateau, and Fall of Tamburlaine the Great” - 5/09

* Jennifer Cunningham, "A Study of H.D.’s Poetics" - 5/95

Thom Dancer, "And to justify the ways of Nabokov to men (and women): The Satire of the Reader in Lolita" - 5/01

DeWayne Dean, “Journey to Pymzonia: Poe, Deleuze and the Critique of Transcendence” - 5/03

* Lawrence-Minh Bui Davis "Beware the Undergraduate Dandy" (Fiction) - 5/01

Tom Davies, "Tragedy and Self-Knowledge in the Mahabharata and Morte Darthur" - 5/00

Emily Dunn, "The Line That Swift Walked: Tracing Jonathan Swift’s Advancement Over the Barriers of Gender Stereotype" - 5/99

Laurie Farmer, "Subversion, Inversion, and Diversion in ‘Donkey-Skin’ Tales: Reinventing Fairy Tale Criticism" - 5/00

Brandon Fastman, “Schizophrenia of Language: The Racial Implications of Narrative Style in William Styron’s The Confessions of Nat Turner” – 5/02

Janice W. Fernheimer, "Resistance and Communal Alliances in Women’s African-American Slave Narratives and Jewish Holocaust Memoirs" - 5/98

Laura Anne Fisher, “Green Earth in the Daylight” (Prose poems) - 5/03

Temima Fruchter, “At the Edge of Sounding Out” (Poems) – 5/02

Robert Ford, "Deconstructing Racial and Sexual Power: Social Protest in James Baldwin’s Another Country" - 5/00

Ian Fulcher, "Sister Art" (Poems) - 5/96

Lisa Furst, "The Shattered Reflection: The Idealized Mother in Sylvia Plath’s Three Women" - 5/94

Isabel Galbraith, "Form and Emotion in Elizabeth Bishop" - 5/01

Sophia Galifianakis, "Iconostasis" (Poems) - 5/99

David J. Galloway, "The King Must Die: Portrayals of Aging in the Danish, Swedish, and Geatish Rulers of Beowulf" - 5/94

Kanishka Gangopadhyay, "The Cultural Implications of the Nation: Four African Novels" - 5/01

Heather Tirado Gilligan, "Rewriting the Politics of Space: Women of Color Respond to A Room of One’s Own" - 8/96

Garvan Giltinan, “‘A Kind of Barbarous Invention’: Self-Creation, Liminal Characters and the Fiction of Mayne Reid” - 5/03

Daniel Greene, “Windowed Selves: Authors and Intertexts in Graphic Memoirs” - 5/09

Soraya Grieser, "Comic Strategies in Environmental Writers: A Rhetorical Analysis" - 5/01

*Erica Gruenewald, “Una voz for Celaya: Sandra Cisneros’ Development of Voice in Caramelo, or Puro Cuento” - 5/08

Peter Grybauskas, “The ‘Untold’ Tale in Tolkien’s Mythic Construction” - 5/08

Anna Haas, "‘I understand you undertake to overthrow my undertaking:’ Narration, Genius, and the Autobiographical Self in Gertrude Stein’s Everybody’s Autobiography" - 5/01

* Jessica Marie Hall, "Lying Like the Truth: How Ursula LeGuin’s Four Ways to Forgiveness Explores the Politics of the Public and Private" - 5/99

Aaron Halsdorf, "Perverse Decisions and Options in Doctor Faustus" - 5/94

Chanelle Hardy, "Parallels Traced in Silence: Charlotte Bronte’s Challenges to Victorian Racial Ideology" - 5/99

Adalaine Holton, "Breaking Down the Pales: Rethinking Nella Larsen’s Quicksand as a Modernist Text" - 5/97

Yun-Ju Julie Huang, “‘As a Matter of Fact I Called Him Sid’: Misnaming Politics in the Plays of Harold Pinter” - 5/03

Jessica Marie Hughes, “Endless Possibilities: Investigating the Newbery Medal for Children’s Literature” (Reading project) - 5/03

Patricia Hutton, "Reevaluating Ole Edvart Rolvaag’s Masculinist Reputation" - 5/00

Gene Jung, "‘We Wear the Mask’: Himes’s Antithetical Response to Literary Uplift in If He Hollars Let Him Go" - 5/95

* Stefan Jurasinski, "From Madmas to Ornamenta Animae: Pagan Treasure-Bestowal and the Christian Theme of Beowulf" - 5/98

Jaya Kannan, “Altered Narratives: Rushdie’s Interrogation of Historical Narrative in Midnight’s Children” - 5/08

Susan Kelley, "Exploring Latin American Magic Realism: History, Blood, and Literature" - 5/00

Patti Kim, "The Silent Scream" (Fiction) - 5/92

* Susan Kletter, "John Steinbeck’s Minorities: Assimilation and Obliteration" - 5/94

James Kuzner, "The Rest is History" (Fiction) - 5/00

Emily Levenson, “Liberty Regained: Biblical Reinterpretation and Imagined Community in Aemilia Lanyer’s Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum” - 5/03

Robert Levine, "Black Bile" (Poems) - 5/97

Annisa Liu, “Burning Down the House: Watching their Daughters Abandon the Home in To the Lighthouse and Housekeeping” - 5/09

Jennifer L. Major, "Revising the Canon Through the Addition of Three Minority Female Authors" - 5/99

Marnie Mataac, "Waves of Emergence: Writing the Diaspora in Filipino-American Literature" - 5/01

Eric Mein, Fiction

Jesse Molesworth, "Sheridan and the Art of ‘Puffing’" - 5/97

Sean Moller, Fiction

Melora Ann Moreland, "Snakeskins" (Poems) - 5/94

Brad Morse, "Blood and Words" - 5/00

Liam O’Loughlin, “Naming a ‘Nameless Pain:’ The Anguish of Hybridity in V. S. Naipaul’s The Mimic Men” - 5/08

* Meaghan O’Keefe, “The Serpent Silenced: A Rhetorical Analysis of Rachel Speght’s A Mouzell for Melastomus

Jeremy O’Roark, "The Stirring of the Damned Flame: Eliot’s Conception of Symbolic Discourse Through ‘Allegory’" - 5/01

Scott Palmer, “Petrarchans, Papists and Pilgrims: A Religious Reading of William Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona” – 5/02

Kim Paone, "The Legitimacy of Adaptation: Social and Literary Hierarchy and Ideology in and around Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part I, Part II, Henry V, and Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho" - 5/96

Erik Pecukonis, “On writing Skin Poems” - 8/07

Marilyn Perry, “Sex for Sale: Female Sexual Confessions” - 5/03

Matthew John Phillips, “A Brief Exhalation Before Sleep” (fiction) - 5/09

Catherine Pierre, "Gender and Creativity in Willa Cather’s The Professor’s House and Death Comes to the Archbishop" - 5/94

Jody Nicole Polleck, "Literary Activism by U.S. Women of Color Writers: Deconstruction of the Autobiography" - 5/96

Anne Powell, “‘Jenny’ and ‘A Castaway:’ Crushed and Uncovered” - 5/08

Natalie Prizel, “The Fences of Yoknapatawpha County: Normative Binaries, Narrative Power, and Faulkner’s South in Light in August” - 5/08

Pamela Puchalski, Reading Project on Urban American Literature - 8/98

Holly Reynolds, "Girl Power in the Fourteenth Century: The Empowerment of Women in The Decameron and The Canterbury Tales" - 5/99

Amy Ricigliano, "Perspectives on People with Developmental Difficulties in The Sound and the Fury and Of Mice and Men"– 5/00

Scott Donato Saccenti, "The Evolution of ‘Work’ in Fitzgerald’s Novels" - 5/95

Amin Azad Sadr, "The Clear Sky Ocean" (Fiction) - 5/01

* Christine Sanders, "The Four Humors in William Shakespeare’s Tragedy of King Lear and Ben Jonson’s Every Man In His Humor" – 5/00

Solomon P. Sarang, "Panel-to-Panel and Person-to-Person: Graphic Novels and Realism: Explications of Blood of Palomar, Stuck Rubber Baby, and Maus I & II" - 5/08

Rindi Savitt, "Reflections on a Surprising Connection Between Harold Pinter’s Moonlight and Alexander Pope’s ‘Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady’" - 5/96

Jasmine Sawhney, “Quarreling with Paper Tigers: Linguistic and Literary Rebellion in Salman Rushdie’s Shame and Midnight’s Children” – 5/02

* Harshita Saxena, "Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony and the Healing Ceremony of Tayo and the Reader" - 5/97

Carolyn Rebecca Scearce, "The Framing of Little Red Riding Hood" - 5/95

Jason A. Schneiderman, "Isaacs" (Poems) - 5/98

Amy Schumacher, "Language and Colonization: The Case of The Tempest" - 5/99

Iris Sevi, "Demystifying Shakespeare’s Borderlands" - 5/97

Christina Sfekas, "Stations and Other Sequences" (Poetry) - 5/01

*W. Andrew Shephard, “Body/Politics: Visions of Posthumanity in the Short Fiction of James Tiptree, Jr.” - 5/09

Charles Shryock, "Metaphors for the Buddha Nature in Zen Buddhism" - 5/01

Ted Simpson, Reading Project on Milton’s Influence on 18th-Century Authors

Michael Skipper, "Opening the Closure: Historiographic Narrative in Print and on Screen" - 5/99

Julie Smith, “Mummy in the Renaissance: Resurrecting Meaning in Hydriotaphia, Loves Alchymie, and Othello” - 5/08

Regina Smith, "Fragments" (Poems) - 8/99

Olivia Stewart, "Nomina Nuda Tenemus: The Philosophy of Language in The Name of the Rose" - 5/01

Dave Stockhoff, "Fantastic ‘Orientalism’: Dunsany’s Ironic Tales of Colonial Insecurity" - 5/98

Noah Teates, "At the Violent Hour" (Fiction) - 5/97

Jesse Terrill, Fiction - 5/95

* Catherine E. Thomas, "Transgressive Displacements: Redefining the Child Murder Motif in English Renaissance Drama" - 5/96

Adam Trexler, "Minding the Gap: The Role of Indeterminacy and Thematics in Samuel Beckett’s First Love" - 5/99

* Ranjana Varghese, "The Things Under a Black Umbrella" (Poems and Stories) - 5/99

Nina Vucenik, "There are New Mountains: The Male and the Female Archetypal Journeys in LeGuin’s Earthsea" - 5/95

Elissa Washuta, “All My Relations” and other stories and essays in unnamed collection - 5/07

* Alice Waters, “Women’s Anxieties in the SF Pulp Magazines, 1930-1948” - 5/07

Monica M. Whiten, "Female Power and Male Responsibility: An Examination of Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome and The Age of Innocence" - 5/95

Lindsey Yamada, "Challenging the ‘Great Imperial Tradition’: Rewriting Heart of Darkness as a Postcolonial Strategy for Constructing Identity and Consciousness" - 5/00

Anne Yoder “The Impossibility of the Ideal: Failed Artists and Ambiguous Advice in Henry James’s Roderick Hudson, ‘The Madonna of the Future,’ and ‘The Lesson of the Master’” – 5/02

Lisa Zycherman, "Frank Norris and Willa Cather: Social Bodies in The Octopus and O Pioneers!" - 5/01


* Recipient of Sandy Mack Award for the year’s best work in English honors.