Honors Seminars (ENGL428)

Honors students meet the same requirements as other English majors, but five of the courses in your curriculum will be distinctive. Three are courses directly related to the Senior Honors Project (ENGL370, ENGL373, ENGL495). The other two will be Senior Seminars on various topics. At least one seminar (ENGL428) will be offered each semester, and they are limited to 20 students. These advanced courses are intended for Honors Students and other high-achieving students in the major. Non-Honors students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, must have completed ENGL 301, and must have taken at least one 400-level English course.

If you have a scheudling conflict and need to substitute a 400 level course for a seminar, you will need to fill an application for alternative honors coursework.

Spring 2020

Linda Coleman, "The Rhetoric of Us and Them: The Language of Political Alignment"

Past Seminars

Fall 2019

Tita Chico, "The Postmodern Enlightenment"

Spring 2019:

Sangeeta Ray"Fictions of Asylum/Asylum Fictions"

Fall 2018:

Edlie Wong, "Literary Spinoffs: Rewriting and Reprising the Classics"

Spring 2018:

Scott Trudell, "Songs of Struggle: What Is Literature?"

Fall 2017:

Mary Helen Washington, "Race, Class, and Narrative"

Spring 2017:

Stanley Plumly, "Anglo-American Poetry, Romantics through the 20th Century"

Fall 2016:

Orrin Wang, "Gothic Spaces: Gender, History and Romantic Writing"

Spring 2016

Jason Rudy, "Reading Victorian Literature in the Colonies"

Fall 2015

Robert Levine, "The Color Line and the American 1850s"
Kellie Robertson, "Another Green World: Nature and Early English Literature"

Spring 2015

Jonathan Auerbach, "Birth of Modern America"
Oliver Gaycken, "Fantastic Voyages: modern Media of Exploration and Discovery"
Fall 2014
Randy Ontiveros,"Literary Maryland" (see this article about the course's content and impact on students)

Spring 2014

Amanda Bailey, "Shakespeare and the Age of Globalization"
Ralph Bauer, "The Literature of Discovery"
Gerard Passannante, ”Literature in the Age of the Scientific Revolution"

Fall 2013

Jane Donawerth, “Women's Utopia's and the Question of Gender”
Christina Walter, "Literature and Visual Culture"

Spring 2013

Kent Cartwright, "Shakespeare and the Idea of Comedy"
Sangeeta Ray, “Postcolonial, Global, Transnational”
Fall 2012
Sheila Jelen, “Photography and Literature”
Spring 2012
Brian Richardson, “Ulysses”
Fall 2011
Ted Leinwand, “Shakespeare, Reviser”
Orrin Wang, “Culture and Ideology in Austen and Byron”

Spring 2011

Carla Peterson, "Representations of Black Culture in New York City, 1800-1900"

Fall 2010

Vincent Carretta, "Authors of the Early Black Atlantic"

Other Past Seminars

Spring 2010

Ralph Bauer, "The 'Solitude' of the New World: The Marvelous, the Fantastic, and Magic Realism"

Kari Kraus, "Book 2.0: The History of the Book and the Future"

Fall 2009

Laura Rosenthal, "Gothic Literature: Darkness in the Enlightenment"
Maud Casey, "How to Tell a True War Story"

Spring 2009

Elizabeth Bearden, "Renaissance Romance: Subversion and Delight"
Jason Rudy, "Victorian Cosmopolitanisms"

Fall 2008

Ted Leinwand, "Shakespeare on War"

Spring 2008

William Cohen, "Victorian Bodies"
Linda Kauffman, "Contemporary Literature, Media, and the State"

Fall 2007

Richard Cross, "Exile and Expatriate Writers"
Marshall Grossman, "Hamlet"

Spring 2007

Michael Israel, "Language, Sex, and Gender"
Robert Levine, "The Color Line and the American 1850s"

Fall 2006

Jane Donawerth, "Shakespeare in the Context of Renaissance Women's Culture"

Spring 2006

Shirley Logan, "The Rhetoric of Abolition"
Orrin Wang, "Gender, History, and Romantic Writing"

Fall 2005

Kent Cartwright, "The Presence of the Real in Renaissance Literature"
Matt Kirschenbaum, "Technologies of Literature/Literature of Technologies"

Spring 2005

Elizabeth Loizeaux, "Poetry, Painting, and Illustration"
Tom Moser, "The Idea of Love in the Middle Ages"

Fall 2004

Neil Fraistat, "Technoromanticism"
Jonathan Auerbach, "The American 1890s"

Spring 2004

Kandice Chuh, “Law and Literature”
Carla Peterson, “Texts of the Black Atlantic, 1600-1900”

Fall 2003

Richard Cross, “Vision and Tradition in Modern Poetry”
Marshall Grossman, “Hamlet”

Spring 2003

Elizabeth Arnold, “The Body in Extremis: The Portrayal of War and Other Forms of Political Violence from Homer to Komunyakaa”
Vincent Carretta: “Writers of the Early Black Atlantic”

Fall 2002

Brian Richardson, “The Fiction of James Joyce”
Orrin Wang, “Gothic Spaces: Gender, History, and Romantic Writing”