How To Apply

English Honors Application Information

The English Honors Program enrolls 10-20 students each year through a rigorous admissions process. There is no minimum GPA, but most applicants have established a strong track record in the English Department, including in English 301, the gateway course for the major. They have earned the support of an English professor, and they have developed a clear sense of their goals for Honors and beyond. Applicants must be able to commit three full semesters (spring-fall-spring) to the completion of the program. Questions? Contact Jason Rudy (, the Director of English Honors. 

Click here for the English Honors Application. This application is due on Friday, November 15, 2019. 

*Creative writers looking to write a play for the Honors thesis should speak with the Honors Director in advance of the application deadline. Creative writers looking to write poetry or prose see the application below. 

What if I want to write a creative thesis project in poetry or prose form?

Click here for the English Honors Creative Thesis Application. This application is due Tuesday, October 15, 2019. 

Questions? Contact Lindsay Bernal (