Looking for funding? Apply for scholarships!

There are a number of scholarships available to help students with the costs of college. From national scholarships, like the Gilman Award and the Critical Language Scholarship, to scholarships offering smaller awards. The University of Maryland has a National Scholarships Office that works with students to prepare their applications to the highly competitive national scholarships. The Office of Student Financial Aid also has information about scholarships from both on- and off-campus organizations. Below find information about scholarship deadlines, workshops and other information. 

This is an edited page of scholarship postings maintained by the English Undergraduate Office. Opportunities listed do not constitute an endorsement by the University of Maryland English Undergraduate Office; screening has not taken place. Individuals are advised to make their own inquiries.

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  • The MUSE workshop is directed at prospective English graduate students from underrepresented groups. It aims to introduce students to a robust culture of mentoring essential for a rewarding graduate school experience. Learn more and apply ASAP at The application deadline is September 6.

    Fall 2019 MUSE workshop will cover the travel, lodging, and incidental expenses associated up to five prospective students. The workshop will take place on October, 16-20, 2019. The program allows students to:
    • Learn more about the English Department
    • Visit graduate classes and co-curricular activities (lectures, film screenings, research workshops)
    • Receive feedback on their application materials
    • Present their research to faculty         
  • CG Trader Annual Scholarship (12/2/19)
  • Gates-Cambridge Scholarships for Grad Study in the UK
  • Truman Scholarship for Public Service or Public Policy
  • Gates Scholarship
  • Marshall Scholarship
  • Rhodes Scholarship