Finding a Career

The English major provides a gateway to many careers in a service and information economy.

Foundations, international business, institutions of law and government, schools and universities, public relations and journalism firms, and science and technology companies require leadership and personnel with sophisticated communication skills. Practice in analytical thinking, complex writing, research, and persuasion, synthesized with a knowledge base derived from broad reading, make English majors attractive to employers, as well as to a range of graduate and professional schools.

Tools for Finding a Career
Careers4Terps is the Career Center's online database for students seeking jobs, internships, or externships. It can be accessed on the Career Center's Homepage
Geared towards college students and recent graduates
A good resource for finding careers with non-profit organizations
Planning for continuing one's education
Geared towards college students and recent graduates

These are just a few of the many job and career-related internet sites; as always, appraise each site's offerings critically. Exercise the same caution with any internet-related job search as you would in hunting through your local paper's Classifieds.

Search Terms and Career Possibilities

English majors go into a variety of fields, some of which are listed below. Students should understand that their dream careers might be very different from the first jobs they take after graduation. That's why it's important to investigate career paths to determine what a good starting point might be. Students should identify entry-level positions which, although low-paying, might be beneficial to take. If possible, a student should network to find people within the field who are willing to offer insight as to how they advanced to their current positions.

  • Academic: advisor, counselor, etc.
  • Advertising: copywriter, account executive, researcher, account director, art director, creative director
  • News: reporter, columnist, critic, copy editor, news editor, sports editor, editorialist
  • Magazines: columnist, associate editor, editor, senior editor, feature writer
  • Non-profits: grant writer, editor, press writer, blogger
  • Writing: author, poet, technical writer, freelance writer, book reviewer, fact checker
  • Publishing: editor, publicity manager
  • Public Relations/Business: grant writer, press writer, editor
  • Government: speechwriter, technical writer