Transfer Credit

There are several ways in which English courses from other institutions may be counted toward your major, General Education, College, or University requirements. The English Department strives to accept as many transfer courses as possible, but making this happen requires your assistance. Please choose the category of course below that you have taken, or intend to take, to determine its equivalence.

ENGL101 Course Equivalence

All ENGL101, or Freshman English, course equivalence is handled by the Academic Writing Office in 1116 Tawes, 301-405-3771.  Please see the following policy on ENGL101 course evaluation.

Professional Writing Course Equivalence

If you are seeking equivalence for a professional writing course, you must contact the Professional Writing Office directly, at 301-405-3762, or visit them in 1220 Tawes.

Literature Transfer Courses

 Please see here for information on all other English courses.