Study Abroad Advising

Students who are abroad go through the same pre-registration advising as they would if they were on campus via email.

Students studying abroad should send an e-mail message to that includes their name, UID, and registration date. In this initial e-mail, students should also include which classes they are actually taking abroad as they often differ from those listed on the Permission to Study Abroad (PSA)/course approval forms.

They will receive notification that an English advisor will contact them within 72 hours.

The advisor will let students know if they also have a College block. If they do, they must email Paula Nadler in ARHU at

Advisors will ascertain which courses students are taking abroad and what requirements they fulfill. They will then recommend courses to fulfill students' remaining requirements. This could involve several e-mails between an advisor and student, and students should be aware that their registration block may not be immediately lifted when the advisor first contacts them.