Academic Probation

Probation Advising

University Academic Performance Policy (Probation and Dismissal) 

Departmental Requirements for Probation Students

Students who are on academic probation are assigned a specific English department advisor and are required to meet with that advisor in the Undergraduate Studies Office, 1128 Tawes Hall, three times during the course of the semester.

The first meeting should be during the schedule adjustment period, the second meeting should be after the first month of classes, and the third meeting should be mid-semester. All English majors and minors have mandatory pre-registration advising, so you may want to use one of your probation advising sessions to conduct pre-registration advising as well. We will use these three meetings to review your past and current performance, to discuss any concerns you might have regarding your current courses, and to plan a future academic schedule that will lend itself to success. To make an appointment for academic probation advising, please call English Undergraduate Studies at 301-405-3825, and indicate that you are on probation and need to meet with your assigned advisor.

College Requirements for Probation Students  

English majors and minors on academic probation are also required to meet three times a semester with an advisor in the College of Arts and Humanities. Contact ARHU's Office of Student Affairs at 301-405-2108 to schedule an appointment.

Departmental Requirements for Dismissed Students Applying for Reinstatement

If you fulfill the three-meeting requirement, your English advisor will be able to write a letter of support to the College of Arts and Humanities. Such a letter of support is viewed very favorably by the readmission committee should you apply for reinstatement. No student who fails to meet their academic probation advising requirements will qualify for such a letter.