2014 Winners

View the 2014 Writing Contest Winners Gallery here.

Grant Proposal: File Achieving a Quality Education in Honduras

  • Yael Nurko, author, School of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Rebecca Holden, instructor

Civic Proposal: File Enhancing Holy Cross Hospital's Diabetes Prevention Program

  • Elisabeth Hubbard, author, School of Agriculture & N.R. Dietetics
  • Michelle Von Euw, instructor

Business Proposal: Improving The Diamondback's Multimedia Content & Online Presence

  • Christopher Allen, author, Smith School of Business
  • Dave Bolton, instructor

Manual: File Manual for Current Prospective Project Leaders: Engineers Without Borders

  • Kevin Hogan, author, Clark School of Engineering & Computer Engineering
  • Kelly Cresap, instructor

Campus Proposal: TerpsAbroad Website Proposal

  • Hannah Pallack, author, College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences
  • Zahara Heckscher, instructor

Campus Proposal: Fear The Transfer

  • Allison Keim, author, CMNS Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Sharvani Naik, author, CMNS Neurobiology
  • Sarah Sexton, author, Merrill College of Journalism
  • Mark Forrester, instructor