2013 Winners

View the 2013 Writing Contest Winners here.

Grant Proposal: "Know Naloxone"

  • Lauren Mendelsohn, author, School of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Rebecca Holden, instructor

Civic Proposal: PDF icon Mandating National Service.pdf

  • Samuel Supnick, author, Smith School of Business
  • Dave Bolton, instructor

Review-Play: PDF icon Orishas-In the Red and Brown Waters.pdf

  • Anjna Swaminathan, author, College of Arts and Humanities
  • Caroline Wilkins, instructor

Business Proposal: "Weekly Sales at the Giant Deli"

  • Yevgeniy Sukhenko, author, Smith School of Business
  • Tom Lowderbaugh, instructor

Alternate Media, Website: A Time Machine Project Archive for Student Programmers

  • Stewart Valencia, author, Clark School of Engineering
  • Kelly Cresap, instructor

Manual: PDF icon Terps Rowing Safely.pdf

  • Esther Robinson, author, School of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Joan Mooney, instructor

Campus Proposal: PDF icon Measures to Reduce Electricity Consumption in South Campus Commons.pdf

  • Victor Osnos, author, College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences
  • Jim Mattson, instructor