2018 Winners


Campus Proposal: Proposal for the Implementation of Alternatives to Plastic Straws and Cutlery in the Stamp Union

  • Pravina Hasselbach, author, College of Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences
  • David Todd, instructor

Other Outstanding Project: Explaining Black and White Commemorative Difference in the Postbellum South

  • Bailey Covington, author, College of Behavioral Social Sciences/College of Arts and Humanities
  • Mark Forrester, instructor

Grant Proposal: Understanding Genetic Resistance to Tropilaelaps in European Honey Bees

  • Katherine Stennette, author, College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences
  • Richard Reynnells, instructor

Manual: Flexible Filament FDM Printing at Terrapin Works

  • Sarah Bank, author, Clark School of Engineering
  • Pamela Orel, instructor