2010 Winners

View the 2010 Writing Contest Winners here.

First Place: Business Proposal: PDF icon Proposal to Improve Stars' Sunday Ticket Marketing Efforts.pdf

  • Michael Dowdy, author
  • Thomas Lowderbaugh, instructor

Business Proposal: Second Place: PDF icon New Management Structure for Alaco Services.pdf

  • Heidi Gilbert, author
  • Adam LLoyd, instructor

Technical Report: First Place: PDF icon Report on the Methods of Securing the Digits of the McKeldin Mall Sundial.pdf

  • Rosemond Boateng and Samuel Grayman, authors
  • Kelli Skinner, instructor

Manual: First Place: PDF icon User Manual for Sezmi All-in-One Personal Media Service.pdf

  • Jeffrey Wiser, Yulong Liu, and Ines Ureta, authors
  • Kelli Skinner, instructor

Civic Proposal: First Place:PDF icon Growing the CYC Lion Dance Program: Recruitment.pdf

  • Stephany Tong and Allen Tran, authors
  • Rebecca Holden, instructor

Civic Proposal: Second Place:PDF icon Can We Make JDS Students More Prepared for College.pdf

  • Gabriel Weisel and Shih-Hao Ni, authors
  • Rebecca Holden, instructor