Satisfactory Progress

Please note: all funding/financial aid offers are contingent upon making satisfactory progress.

Students will meet with their advising teams and the DGS to assess progress and the advisability of the student’s intended degree track at the start of the third semester. Students whose GPA for the first 15 credits of coursework is 3.0 or lower will be offered the option of pursuing the terminal MA degree or resigning from the graduate program altogether. This option is also available to students entering the program with an MA.

Incompletes:  Although we recognize that emergencies can occur that may warrant a student’s requesting an incomplete, we discourage students from taking incompletes. The student requesting an incomplete and the instructor granting it must notify the Graduate Office that they are electing the incomplete option by the end of the semester in which the incomplete is taken (a form for such notification is available from the Graduate Office). If an incomplete is necessary in the first 15 credits of coursework, the DGS must be consulted in addition to the instructor of the course. Coursework related to the incomplete must be finished by the end of the next semester and students may not take their qualifying exams with outstanding incompletes. 

Students are expected to complete their coursework and meet the foreign language requirement no later than their fifth semester in the program.

Students are expected to advance to candidacy by successfully passing their qualifying examination by their seventh semester in the program.

Students must file an approved dissertation prospectus no later than four months following the qualifying examination.

Students must achieve a GPA of at least 3.6 in 12 courses to proceed to the qualifying examination. Likewise, incompletes must be completed before a student may proceed to the qualifying examination. Exceptions may be granted by the DGS in extreme and extenuating circumstances.

Students are expected to file all relevant self-evaluation forms (with the appropriate signatures) with the Graduate Office by the posted deadlines every semester.

For extensions to this schedule, students may petition the DGS through their advising committees.