Prospectus (before 2012)

The prospectus is to be submitted within nine months of passing the qualifying exam. The prospectus establishes that the student has defined a research question that is worth pursuing and is in a position to do a good job of pursuing it. The prospectus should be developed in consultation with your committee.

The prospectus should demonstrate that the student:

- has defined and delimited an interesting research question
- can explain the importance of the research question and the contribution that it will make to the field
- is familiar with the existing scholarship related to the research question and can describe the relationship of the dissertation project to that scholarship (review of the literature)
- has developed a theoretical framework for the argument and a methodology for your project.

The prospectus should be between 8-12 pages in length. It should be written in clear prose and include a bibliography. The prospectus, including a one-page abstract and the completed prospectus form (signed by the first three committee members), should be turned in to the English graduate office.