Language Requirement (before 2012)

The student must demonstrate, by test or by equivalencies, reading knowledge of one language.

The Department's language exam requires translation into good, idiomatic English of two passages (generally one from a primary and one from a secondary source); the test is given once a semester (December and May). Students may take the foreign language exam up to three times. Equivalencies include: native speaking ability; undergraduate major; passage of an equivalent requirement in another graduate program; a grade of B or better in a 300-level course in the language (the course must be taught in the language).

The student's dissertation committee may also recommend more advanced proficiency in the language selected and/or work in an additional language; however, the student is obliged to be tested on (or to provide an equivalent for) only one language. The Director of Graduate Studies, the student's committee, and the student together will determine the appropriate language(s) and whether coursework or other equivalencies are sufficiently recent to attest to proficiency.

Entering PhD students who have not met the foreign language requirement through one of the equivalencies are encouraged to fulfill that requirement as soon as possible. Practice exams are available from the Graduate Office (2116 Tawes).