Deadlines and Paperwork

Completing the PhD involves careful attention to deadlines imposed and paperwork required by the Graduate School.

Students are expected to complete their coursework and meet the foreign language requirement by no later than their fifth semester in the program. Please contact the Graduate Office to schedule your language exam and confirm the acceptability of equivalences if you wish to not take an exam to meet your language requirement. Students must also complete a self-evaluation each semester until you advance to candidacy.

Students are expected to advance to candidacy by successfully passing their qualifying examination by their seventh semester in the program. Please contact the Graduate Office to schedule your qualifying exam. Submit your form for candidacy advancement to the Graduate Office (2116 Tawes) upon successful completion of your qualifying exam. Upon advancing to candidacy, students are expected to file a dissertation progress form with the Graduate Office each semester.

Students must file an approved dissertation prospectus with the Graduate Office no later than four months following the qualifying examination. Please submit the approved prospectus form with a one page abstract in addition to your completed prospectus.

Specific deadlines for students intending to graduate will be announced on the English graduate-student reflector and are also available from the Graduate School's Deadlines for Graduates. Most of the necessary paperwork for these deadlines can be found on the Graduate School's General Forms for Graduate Students.