Teams of two to three graduate faculty members (in order to account for faculty who may be on leave) will be appointed by the DGS, in consultation with the student, for each student. These advising teams are charged with meeting with the student at least once each semester and with filing a report (no more than a page) each semester, on the student’s progress with the Graduate Studies office.  Students are expected to remain in regular contact with their advisors.  The members of each advising team will help students select courses, otherwise navigate the program, and begin the process of professionalization, and they will act generally as resources for the student, as well as sign off on the student's self-evaluation form.  The DGS will remain available to all students in all stages of the program to assist in advising.

As students are preparing to advance to candidacy, the advising team will help the student form the qualifying examination committee. The advising committee may be separate from the examination committee. From this point until the constitution of the dissertation defense committee, the qualifying examination committee will act as the student's primary advisors.

All students are expected to keep regular contact with the DGS and their advising teams throughout all stages of the program. Measures to be used to assess progress include the student’s grades, other evidence of the quality of coursework, schedule for meeting requirements for candidacy, and schedule for completing the dissertation.