Recent MA Placements

Graduates of our MA program vary in their career goals and aspirations; many go on to matriculate into PhD programs, enter new positions with their degree, or continue their successful employment with the knowledge and skills they've aquired in our program.


Graduation Year


Program or Job Placement

2017Lt. Daniel SteplerEnglish Instructor, United States Coast Guard Academy
2017Brooke FeichtlStrategic Communications Officer, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
2017Trent McDonaldEnglish PhD student, Washington University, St. Louis.
2017Tyler TalbottEnglish PhD student, Northwestern University
2017Shaun RussellEnglish PhD student, Ohio State
2017Emily SmithEnglish PhD student, Pennsylvania State University
2017Jessica HarringtonProgram Coordinator for Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for
Students (ACES) at the University of Maryland
2018Lissette EscarizEnglish PhD student, University of Pittsburgh
2018LCDR Phil GarrowJunior Permanent Military Professor at the United States Naval Academy
2018Christopher SuarezEnglish PhD student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2017Will ThompsonEnglish PhD student, University of Chicago