Summer Funding

All students interested in applying for departmental and university-wide summer funding are asked to submit one application for consideration by the Graduate Studies Committee (“GSC”). This procedure will allow the GSC to match applicants to the fellowship competition(s) appropriately, and to distribute resources among graduate students as widely as possible. This application will allow students to apply for any of the following fellowships. Please note the different eligibility requirements for each fellowship.

Application Process

Students who wish to be considered for any of these fellowships should provide the following to the graduate coordinator as a single PDF by the application deadline:

   1. A completed coversheet (download Word form).
   2. A specific proposal, no more than two pages, stating:
     a) the nature of the work to be accomplished during the summer
     b) a plan for its execution
     c) the specific benchmark(s) that this award will enable the student to meet
     d) a clear indication of how the summer project fits within the program’s timetable for completing graduation requirements; Students are asked to write this proposal for an educated lay audience.
   3. A CV, no more than two pages
   4. If you are applying for the Kwiatek Fellowship: A copy of your submitted FAFSA form. FAFSA can be completed here.
   5. A letter from the advisor or the major professor with whom the student is working. This letter should address the student’s outstanding qualifications, the significance of the student’s scholarship or research, and the student’s timely progress through the program. This letter should be submitted electronically to the graduate coordinator (

Please electronically submit all of the documents requested to the Graduate Coordinator, Heather Dias, ( by no later than February 15.

Summer Fellowships

Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship
Eligibility: ENGL and CMLT PhD (up to two nominations per program submitted to ARHU)
Amount: $5000
This fellowship supports students who are mid-career (just about to or just having advanced to candidacy). The fellowship is meant to "provide doctoral students the opportunity to concentrate fully on their own scholarly activities and research, for the duration of a summer, at a critical moment in their graduate studies" and this fellowship is awarded to students who can demonstrate that "a summer of focused work will enable them to prepare for or complete a key benchmark." Benchmarks would include: studying for the QE, writing the dissertation prospectus, and completing a first chapter.

Kwiatek Graduate Summer Fellowship
Eligibility: MA, MFA, PhD in ENGL and CMLT; must qualify for unmet need as determined by a FAFSA and by the Grad School
Amount: $4,750
The Department of English will award one $4,750 Summer Fellowship funded by an endowed bequest from the estate of Louise Kwiatek, establishing scholarships for UMD students in English, in memory of her late daughter, Vivien L. Kwiatek, PhD '74. The MOU of the bequest stipulates that it "shall be used to provide annual scholarship support for one or more undergraduate or graduate students in the Department of English at the University. This summer fellowship is determined on the basis of academic merit and financial need, as demonstrated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Only students who are able to demonstrate financial need by way of a filed and approved FAFSA can be considered ( The Office of Student Financial Aid will determine which applicants have unmet need.

English Departmental Summer Fellowship
Eligibility: ENGL PhD students (CMLT students are eligible for the Vambery Fellowship)
Amount: $4000
These fellowships support both pre-candidacy benchmarks and post-candidacy chapter writing (at least one of the fellowships will be awarded to support post-candidacy chapter writing). The number of fellowships varies from year to year depending on available funds. These fellowships are awarded to help students progress more efficiently through the plan of study.

Clara and Robert Vambery Graduate Student Summer Fellowship
Eligibility: CMLT PhD students
Amount: $5000
This fellowship is to be awarded to graduate students of Comparative Literature in good standing who are in need of summer research money in order to make significant progress toward a benchmark in the program: either preparation for exams, the writing of a prospectus, or the writing of a dissertation. Recipients of the Clara and Robert Vambery Graduate Student Summer fellowship will be selected on the basis of demonstrated work in European and American comparative literary studies in print, in film, or in other newly discovered technological forms. Special consideration will be given to those ‘focusing on German, English, and/or Hungarian culture’ as well as to ‘those who explore the problems of authors who have suffered because of their opposition to repression.’