Enrolling in Intermediate Workshops

There are currently two methods to gain permission to enroll in ENGL352 or 353, intermediate workshops: 

Option 1: Grade of A or A- in a 200-level workshop

Students who have completed a 200-level workshop (ENGL271, 272, 273, 274) and received a grade of A or A- are now eligible to enroll in a 300-level workshop without submitting a portfolio, space permitting. A grade of A or A- must already be posted to a student's academic record before permission can be granted for enrollment. To gain permission to enroll, please contact the English Undergraduate Studies office at (301) 405-3825 or english@umd.edu

Option 2: Portfolio Application

Students may apply for permission to enroll in 300-level workshops through a portfolio application. These portfolios are due just before the start of registration for the semester when you intend to take the courses.

Deadlines to apply:

For the Spring semester: October 1

For the Fall semester: March 1

PDF icon CW Admission Application.pdf

Portfolio Guidelines:

  1. The portfolio should contain work in one genre. If you are applying to both the fiction workshop and poetry workshops, you must submit two separate portfolios.
  2. The portfolio should include 10-20 pages of fiction (one story must be at least 8 pages) or 5-10 pages of poetry (at least 4 poems).
  3. The work submitted will not be returned, so please submit copies, not originals.
  4. Complete and submit the application form along with the portfolio materials to the English Undergraduate Studies Office, 1128 Tawes Hall.

If you have any questions, please contact the English Undergraduate Studies Office at 301-405-3825, english@umd.edu, or stop by 1128 Tawes Hall.

We look forward to reading your work.