Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding undergraduate creative writing courses.


1.  Do I need to submit a portfolio?
Unless you have taken theappropriate 200-level workshop and received an A or A- in that course, you will need to submit a portfolio application for the 300- and 400-level workshops.  The application section of this website will indicate if we are still accepting applications for a given semester.

2.  I've taken a 200-level workshop and received an A or A-, but I still can't register.
Verify that the workshop you took is, in fact,an equivalent.  If it is, you will still need a stamp from our office to register for the 300-level workshop. Requests may be made via email to, or by phone at 301-405-3825, however you should bear in mind that space is limited and you will not be accommodated if there are no seats available on your registration date.

3.  Are there any prerequisites for undergraduate Creative Writing courses?
While there is no prerequisite for the 200-level workshops, you must apply for admission to the 300-level coursesby portfolio submission unless you have earned an A or A- in a200-level workshop.  The prerequisite for any 400-level Creative Writing workshop is the successful completion of the intermediate workshop of the same genre.

4.  If I become eligible to enroll in an upper-level workshop, either via portfolio submission or by having received an A or A- in a 200-level workshop, will a space be saved for me?
Enrollment is based on availability of seats on your registration date. Being accepted into an upper-level workshop does NOT guarantee that spaces will be available once you are able to register.

5.  I was admitted to ENGL352/353, but cannot enroll this term due to scheduling conflicts.  Do I need to reapply to enroll next semester?
The department allows students to defer their intermediate Creative Writing admission for one term.  However, it is the student's responsibility to contact our office for the electronic stamp before registration for that term, and there is no guarantee space will be available.