Stylus Literary Journal

Stylus: UMD’s Literary Journal

Stylus is the University of Maryland's literary journal. It is published once a year, and submissions are accepted year round. Please go to our website for guidelines regarding how to submit your poetry, prose, artwork, and music.


The name Stylus originates from the proposed name for a literary journal that Maryland native Edgar Allen Poe tried to start. There are several versions of the prospectus for Poe's Stylus available from the Poe Society.

Stylus was formed in 1994 when, according to John C. Dvorak, one of the Stylus founders, "we combined the funding for the Catalyst, The University Honors Journal, with additional funding from the English department. Stylus was our opportunity to reach a larger campus audience." Since then, Stylus has become a student organization supported by the Student Government Association, the Jiménez-Porter Writer's House, and student-raised funds.

In Fall 2002, Stylus joined with the proposed Jiménez-Porter Writers' House Literary Journal so that the resources of Writers' House could be used to produce and promote a high-quality journal that would serve as a creative outlet not just for participants in the Writers' House program, but for all University of Maryland students.

If you would like additional information about Stylus, please visit the website.