Online Student Success Orientation

The Online Student Success Orientation is a one hour, ELMS-based tutorial that explores interaction strategies and best practices for students enrolled in a course whose content is fully or mostly online.  The free, self-paced, non-credit tutorial walks students through suggested preparations for starting out strong during the first week of class, staying on top of things through the following weeks, and regrouping if they are negatively impacted by pitfalls common to online learning. Students who review all of the content can receive a certificate of completion.

Students can enroll in this free tutorial through the Canvas Catalog using their directory id credentials. Once enrolled in the course, OSSO will appear in a student’s Courses list after logging into ELMS. Learn more here:

Spring 2013

Course Title Section Instructor
CMLT235 Black Diaspora Literature and Culture 0101
CMLT275 World Literature by Women 0101-0302
CMLT277 Literatures of the Americas 0101
CMLT280 Film Art in a Global Society 0101-0201
CMLT386 Experiential Learning
CMLT398L Special Topics in Comparative Studies: The Jazz Paradigm 0101
CMLT398N Special Topics in Comparative Studies: Cinema of Liberation 0101-0201
CMLT498F Selected Topics in Comparative Studies: The Americas in Film 0101
ENGL101 Academic Writing 0101-1405
ENGL101 Academic Writing: Blended Learning BL
ENGL101A Academic Writing 1701-1702
ENGL101H Academic Writing 0205-1308
ENGL101S Academic Writing 0106-1407
ENGL101X Academic Writing 2003-2005
ENGL201 Inventing Western Literature: Ancient and Medieval Traditions 0101
ENGL202 Inventing Western Literature: Renaissance to Modern 0101-0201
ENGL211 English Literature: Beginnings to 1800 0101
ENGL212 English Literature: 1800 to the Present 0101-0201
ENGL221 American Literature: Beginning to 1865 0101
ENGL222 American Literature: 1865 to Present 0101-0108
ENGL233 Introduction to Asian American Literature 0101
Davis, Lawrence-Minh
ENGL234 African-American Literature and Culture 0101-0108
ENGL241 What the Novel Does 0101-0108
ENGL243 What is Poetry? 0101-0401
ENGL244 The Play's the Thing 0101-0201
ENGL245 Film Form and Culture 0101-0401
ENGL250 Reading Women Writing 0101-0201
ENGL255 Literature of Science and Technology 0101
ENGL265 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Literatures 0101
ENGL271 Writing Poems and Stories: An Introductory Workshop 0101-0301
ENGL272 Writing Fiction: A Beginning Workshop 0101-0401
ENGL273 Writing Poetry: A Beginning Workshop 0101-0201
ENGL274 Creative Writing Through The Eyes of African Americans: A Beginning Workshop 0101
Turner, Valerie Jean
ENGL278P Special Topics in Literature: Writing for Change 0101
ENGL280 The English Language 0101
ENGL281 Standard English Grammar, Usage, and Diction 0101
ENGL282 Introduction to Rhetorical Theory 0101
ENGL289I Acting Human: Shakespeare and the Drama of Identity 0101-0106
ENGL289P Why Poetry Matters 0101-0105
ENGL289Z Aliens, Exiles, Immigrants: Literature and Emigration 0101-0104
ENGL293 Writing in the Wireless World 0101
ENGL295 Literature in a Wired World 0101-0201
ENGL300 Writing about Literature 0101
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0101
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0201
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0301
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0401
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0501
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0601
ENGL302 Medieval Literature in Translation 0101
ENGL304 The Major Works of Shakespeare 0101-0104
ENGL305 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: An Introduction 0101
ENGL310 Medieval and Renaissance British Literature 0101
ENGL311 British Literature from 1600 to 1800 0101
ENGL312 Romantic to Modern British Literature 0101-0104
ENGL313 American Literature 0101
ENGL329A Special Topics in Film Studies: Cinema of Liberation 0101-0201
ENGL329N The Cinematic Metropolis: Film and Urban Display Culture 0101
McGrath, Caitlin
ENGL329P Special Topics in Film Studies: The Films of Martin Scorsese 0101
ENGL348J Literary Works by Women: Women and Jewish Literature 0101
ENGL348P Literary Works by Women: Women on the Plantation 0101
ENGL352 Intermediate Fiction Workshop 0101-0301
ENGL353 Intermediate Poetry Workshop 0101
ENGL359C Special Topics in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Literatures: Queer Comedy 0101
ENGL362 Caribbean Literature in English 0101
ENGL368B Special Topics in the Literature of Africa and the African Diaspora: Blues and African American Folksong 0101
ENGL370 Junior Honors Conference 0101
ENGL379L Special Topics in Literature: American Jewish Literature 0101
ENGL379M Special Topics in Literature: British Plays in Performance 0101
ENGL379P Special Topics in Literature: Fractured Sentences: Prison Literature and the Rhetoric of Resistance 0101
ENGL379R Special Topics in Literature: The Jazz Paradigm 0101
ENGL379W Special Topics in Literature: Why Read Literature? 0101
ENGL385 English Semantics 0101
ENGL388D Writing Internship: Dickinson Electronic Archives 0101
ENGL388M Writing Internship: Maryland General Assembly Pre-Professional Writing Internship 0101
ENGL388P Writing Internship: Pre-professional Writing Skills Internship 0101
ENGL388R Writing Internship: Romantic Circles 0101
ENGL388T Writing Internship: MITH Internships 0101
ENGL388V Writing Internship: Undergraduate Teaching Assistants in Writing Programs 0101
ENGL388W Writing Internship: Writing Center Internship 0101
ENGL390 Science Writing 0101-SG91
ENGL391 Advanced Composition 0201-1901
ENGL391H Advanced Composition 0201
ENGL392 Legal Writing 0101-1801
ENGL393 Technical Writing 0201-BL06
ENGL393H Technical Writing 1401
ENGL393X Technical Writing 1401
ENGL394 Business Writing 0101-SG98
ENGL395 Writing for Health Professions 0201-SG91
ENGL398A Topics in Professional Writing: Writing for the Arts 1001-1201
ENGL398C Topics in Professional Writing: Writing Case Studies and Investigative Reports 0601-SG92
ENGL398E Topics in Professional Writing: Writing about Economics 0801
ENGL398L Topics in Professional Writing: Scholarly Writing in the Humanities 0301
ENGL398N Topics in Professional Writing: Writing for Non-Profit Organizations 0301-1401
ENGL398R Topics in Professional Writing: Writing Non-Fictional Narratives 1001-1201
ENGL398V Topics in Professional Writing: Writing about the Environment 0601-0801
ENGL402 Chaucer 0101
ENGL403 Shakespeare: The Early Works 0101
ENGL404 Shakespeare: The Later Works 0101
ENGL425 Modern British Literature 0101
ENGL428X Seminar in Language and Literature: Shakespeare and the Idea of Comedy 0101
ENGL428Y Seminar in Language and Literature: Postcolonial, Global, Transnational 0101
ENGL429 Independent Research in English
ENGL430 American Literature, Beginning to 1810, the Colonial and Federal Periods 0101
ENGL432 American Literature: 1865 to 1914, Realism and Naturalism 0101
ENGL433 American Literature: 1914 to the Present, the Modern Period 0101
ENGL437 Contemporary American Literature 0101
ENGL439C Major American Writers after 1865: Hemingway and his Competitors 0101
ENGL448A Literature by Women of Color: Caribbean Literature by Women 0101
ENGL456 The Nineteenth-Century English Novel: The Nature of the Victorian Novel 0101
ENGL462 Folksong and Ballad 0101
ENGL466 Arthurian Legend 0101
ENGL468E Selected Topics in Film Studies: Fantastic Voyages: Cinema and Exploration 0101
ENGL468F Selected Topics in Film Studies: The Americas in Film 0101
ENGL471 African-American Literature: 1910-1945 0101
ENGL475 Postmodern Literature 0101
ENGL478E Selected Topics in English and American Literature before 1800: The Story of Troy: An Ancient Tale Told and Retold 0101
ENGL479G Selected Topics in English and American Literature after 1800: Gothic Spaces: Romanticism and the Gothic 0101
ENGL479J Selected Topics in English and American Literature after 1800: Australian Literature 0101
ENGL479L Selected Topics in English and American Literature after 1800: 21st-Century African American Literature 0101
ENGL483 American English 0101
ENGL487 Foundations of Rhetoric 0101
ENGL488D Topics in Advanced Writing: Writing Studies--Theory and Practice 0101
ENGL488F Topics in Advanced Writing: Visual Rhetoric 0101
ENGL489E Special Topics in English Language: Language Change 0101
ENGL493 Advanced Writing Theory and Practice 0101
ENGL495 Independent Study in Honors
ENGL498 Advanced Fiction Workshop: Advanced Fiction Workshop 0101-0201
ENGL499 Advanced Poetry Workshop: Advanced Poetry Workshop 0101
ENGL611 Approaches To College Composition
ENGL612 Approaches To Professional And Technical Writing
ENGL668A Readings In Modern Literary Theory: Queer Theory
ENGL668K Readings In Modern Literary Theory: Critical Topics In Digital Humanities
ENGL688 Poetry Workshop 0101
ENGL688 Poetry Workshop 0201
ENGL689 Fiction Workshop 0101
ENGL689 Fiction Workshop 0201
ENGL708G Seminar In Rhetoric: Genre Theory
ENGL719D Seminar In Renaissance Literature. Earthquakes Of The Mind: Disaster And Imagination
ENGL748E Seminar In American Literatures: Writing The Apocalypse In Hemispheric American Literatures, 1500-2000
ENGL749B Studies In Twentieth-Century Literature: The Spectacle Of Violence In African-American Literature
ENGL788 Studies In Poetic Form. Form And Theory In Poetry
ENGL789 Form And Theory In Fiction. Narrative Forms: Varieties Of First-Person Narration
ENGL798B Critical Theory Colloquium
ENGL888D Practicum In English Studies: Digital Studies Colloquium