Spring 2020 Boilerplates

English Major Spring Boilerplate. This boilerplate aligns with the major requirements introduced in 2018 with the option to choose a track.

2005 English Major Fall Boilerplate. This boilerplate aligns to with these major requirements

English Education Spring Boilerplate. This boilerplate is for English-Education double majors. 

Summer 2020 Boilerplate

Fall 2011

Course Title Section Instructor
CMLT235 Introduction to the Literatures of the African Diaspora General
CMLT270 Global Literature and Social Change General
CMLT275 World Literature by Women General
CMLT277 Literatures of the Americas General
CMLT280 Film Art in a Global Society General
CMLT498L Sexuality in the Cinema 0101
CMLT498N Gypsy Culture 0101
ENGL101 Academic Writing General
ENGL101A Intensive Introduction to Writing General
ENGL101C Introduction to Writing General
ENGL101H Introduction to Writing General
ENGL101S Introduction to Writing General
ENGL101X Introduction to Writing for International Students General
ENGL201 Literature of the Western World I: Ancient and Medieval General
ENGL202 Literature of the Western World II: Renaissance to Modern General
ENGL211 English Literature: Beginnings to 1800 General
ENGL212 English Literature: 1800 to Present General
ENGL221 American Literature: Beginning to 1865 General
ENGL234 Introduction to African-American Literature 0101-0108
ENGL235 Introduction to the Literatures of the African Diaspora General
ENGL241 Introduction to the Novel 0101-0108
ENGL243 What is Poetry? 0101-0112
ENGL243 What is Poetry? FC01
ENGL244 The Play's the Thing General
ENGL245 Film Form and Culture 0101
ENGL245 Film Form and Culture General
ENGL250 Introduction to Literature by Women 0101-0108
ENGL260 Introduction to Folklore General
ENGL265 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Literature General
ENGL278C Introduction to Creative Writing: African American Perspectives General
ENGL278L Literatures of the Americas General
ENGL278T Literature of Science and Technology General
ENGL278W Literature in a Wired World General
ENGL280 Introduction to the English Language 0101
ENGL281 Standard English Grammar, Usage, and Diction General
ENGL282 Introduction to Rhetorical Theory General
ENGL289I Acting Human: Shakespeare and the Drama of Identity 0101-0106
ENGL289X Breaking News: Contemporary Literature, Media and the State 0101-0104
ENGL289Y American Fictions: Cross-Examining U.S. Literature, History, and Politics 0101-0106
ENGL291 Intermediate Writing General
ENGL293 Writing in a Wireless World General
ENGL294 Introduction to Creative Writing General
ENGL296 Beginning Fiction Workshop General
ENGL297 Beginning Poetry Workshop General
ENGL300 Writing about Literature 0101
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0101
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0108, 0201
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0301, 0401
Koerner, Michelle
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0501
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 0901
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature General
ENGL304 The Major Works of Shakespeare 0101-0104
ENGL305 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: An Introduction General
ENGL311 British Literature from 1600 to 1800 0101
ENGL312 Romantic to Modern British Literature 0101-0104
ENGL313 American Literature 0101
ENGL313 American Literature 0201
ENGL329C Sexuality in the Cinema 0101
ENGL329D Special Topics in Film Studies: Early Cinema 0101
ENGL334 The Bible as Literature 0101
ENGL344 Nineteenth-Century Fiction 0101-0104
ENGL348F Literary Works by Women: Women on the Frontier 0101
ENGL348W Literary Works by Women: Women Abolitionists 0101
ENGL358A Literature of the Chicano Movement 0101
ENGL359D Queer Adaptations in Fiction, Film, and TV 0101
ENGL368B Blues and African American Folksong 0101
ENGL373 Senior Honors Project 0101
ENGL379G Representing the Holocaust 0101
ENGL379M British Plays in Performance 0101
ENGL379V Gypsy Culture 0101
ENGL381 MGA Legislative Seminar 0101
ENGL384 Concepts of Grammar 0101
ENGL388D Writing Internship: Dickinson Electronic Archives 0101
ENGL388P Writing Internship: Pre-professional Writing Skills Internship 0101
ENGL388R Writing Internship: Romantic Circles General
ENGL388T Writing Internship: Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities Internships General
ENGL388W Writing Internship: Writing Center Internship 0101
ENGL390 Science Writing General
ENGL391 Advanced Composition General
ENGL391H Advanced Composition for Honors Program Students General
ENGL392 Legal Writing General
ENGL393 Technical Writing General
ENGL393H Technical Writing for Honors Program Students General
ENGL393X Technical Writing for English as a Second Language Students General
ENGL394 Business Writing General
ENGL395 Writing for Health Professions General
ENGL396 Intermediate Fiction Workshop 0101
ENGL396 Intermediate Fiction Workshop General
ENGL397 Intermediate Poetry Workshop General
ENGL398A Writing for the Arts General
ENGL398C Writing Case Studies and Narratives General
ENGL398E Writing about Economics General
ENGL398L Scholarly Writing in the Humanities General
ENGL398N Writing for Non-Profit Organizations General
ENGL398R Writing Non-Fictional Narratives General
ENGL398V Writing about the Environment General
ENGL402 Chaucer
ENGL403 Shakespeare: The Early Works 0101
ENGL404 Shakespeare: The Later Works 0101
ENGL408C Literature by Women Before 1800: Geographies & Worlds, 1400-1700 0101
ENGL416 Literature of the Eighteenth Century, 1700-1750 0101
ENGL422 English Victorian Literature 0101
ENGL425 Modern British Literature 0101
ENGL428X Shakespeare, Reviser (or, Shakespeare Killed Cordelia) 0101
ENGL428Y Culture Ideology in Austen and Byron 0101
ENGL429 Independent Research in English General
ENGL435 American Poetry: American Sexual Poetics Revisited 0101
ENGL440 The Novel in America to 1914 0101
ENGL450 Renaissance Drama I 0101
Curren-Aquino, Deborah T.
ENGL455 The Eighteenth-Century English Novel 0101
ENGL456 The 19th Century English Novel: England, Empire, and the Great British Novel 0101
Taylor, Jesse Oak
ENGL457 The Modern Novel 0101
ENGL458R Literature by Women after 1800: History of Women's Rhetoric 0101
Enoch, Jessica
ENGL459A Trans Lit 0101
ENGL466 Arthurian Legend 0101
ENGL468 Selected Topics in Film Studies: Images of Evolution General
ENGL468A Power, Masculinity, and Authorship in the Gangster Film 0101
ENGL470 African-American Literature: The Beginning to 1910 0101
ENGL472 African-American Literature: 1945 to Present 0101
ENGL475 The Postmodern Novel 0101
ENGL477 Studies in Mythmaking 0101
ENGL479M Selected Topics in English and American Literature after 1800: Roots, Music, and Film 0101
ENGL487 Foundations of Rhetoric 0101
ENGL488A Web Authoring: Text, Image, & Design 0101
Kill, Melanie
ENGL489D Classical Composition and Contemporary Writing 0101
ENGL489E Language Change and the History of English 0101
ENGL489T Special Topics in English Language: Conversation Analysis 0101
ENGL494 Editing and Document Design 0101
ENGL495 Independent Study in Honors General
ENGL498 Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENGL498 Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENGL499 Advanced Poetry Workshop General
ENGL601 Literary Research And Critical Contexts 0101
ENGL602 Critical Theory And Literary Criticism 0101
ENGL611 Approaches To College Composition 0101
ENGL623 Readings In 18th Century English Literature: Literatures Of The Early Black Atlantic 0101
ENGL624 Readings in English Romantic Literature: Culture and Ideology in Austen and Byron 0101
ENGL630 Readings In 20th Century English Literature: What (and Where and Why) in the World is “English” Literature? 0101
ENGL639B Myth: Theme And Theory: Arthurian Myth And Legend 0101
ENGL708C Seminar In Rhetoric: Affect And Persuasion 0101
ENGL719E Seminar In Renaissance Literature. Early Modern Women, Literacies, Aftermaths
ENGL749C Studies In Twentieth-Century Literature: Breaking News: Contemporary Literature, Media And The State.
ENGL749E Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature: Rethinking World Literature. 0101