Fall 2020 Boilerplates

English Major Fall Boilerplate. This boilerplate aligns with the major requirements introduced in 2018 with the option to choose a track.

English Education Fall Boilerplate. This boilerplate is for English-Education double majors. 

2005 English Major Fall Boilerplate. This boilerplate aligns to with these major requirements

Summer 2020 Boilerplate

Spring 2010

Course Title Section Instructor
ENGL101 Introduction to Writing General
ENGL101A Intensive Introduction to Writing General
ENGL101M Introduction to Writing General
ENGL101S Introduction to Writing General
ENGL101X Introduction to Writing General
ENGL201 Literature of the Western World I: Ancient and Medieval 101
ENGL202 Literature of the Western World II: Renaissance to Modern 101
ENGL211 English Literature: Beginnings to 1800 901
ENGL212 English Literature: From 1800 to the Present 101
ENGL221 American Literature: Beginning to 1865 301
ENGL222 American Literature: 1865 to Present 0101-0109
ENGL234 Introduction to African-American Literature 0101-0110
ENGL241 Introduction to the Novel 0101-0108
ENGL243 Introduction to Poetry 0101-0112
ENGL243 Introduction to Poetry 201
ENGL244 Introduction to Drama 101
ENGL245 Film and the Narrative Tradition 101
ENGL250 Introduction to Literature by Women 0101-0109
ENGL265 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Literature 101
ENGL278C Introduction to Creative Writing: African American Perspective 101
Russel, Valerie
ENGL278Z Writing in a Wireless World 101
ENGL280 Introduction to the English Language 101
ENGL281 Standard English Grammar, Usage, and Diction 101
ENGL282 Introduction to Rhetorical Theory 101
ENGL289I Acting Human: Shakespeare and the Drama of Identity 0101-0106
ENGL294 Introduction to Creative Writing General
ENGL296 Beginning Fiction Workshop General
ENGL297 Beginning Poetry Workshop General
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature 101
ENGL301 Critical Methods in the Study of Literature General
ENGL304 The Major Works of Shakespeare 0101-0104
ENGL305 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries: An Introduction 101
ENGL310 Medieval and Renaissance British Literature 101
ENGL311 British Literature from 1600 to 1800
ENGL312 Romantic to Modern British Literature 101
ENGL313 American Literature 101
ENGL344 Nineteenth-Century Fiction 101
ENGL346 Twentieth-Century Fiction 101
ENGL346 Twentieth-Century Fiction 102
ENGL348C Literary Works by Women: Science Fiction 101
ENGL348P Literary Works by Women: Women on the Plantation 101
ENGL360 African, Indian, and Caribbean Writers: Contemporary African Fiction by Women 101
ENGL362 Caribbean Literature in English 101
ENGL368E Texts of the Black Atlantic 101
ENGL370 Junior Honors Conference 101
ENGL377 Medieval Myth and Modern Narrative 101
ENGL379B Contemporary Asian American Literature of the 21st Century 101
Davis, Lawrence
ENGL379C How to Be Famous: Celebrity Culture and British Literature, 1800 to Present 101
ENGL379J Fiction and Film 101
ENGL379R The Jazz Paradigm 101
ENGL379V Cinema of Liberation 0101-0201
ENGL383 The Uses of Language 101
ENGL385 English Semantics 101
ENGL388D Dickinson Electronic Archives Digital Humanities Internship 101
ENGL388M Maryland General Assembly Pre-Professional Writing Internship 101
ENGL388P Writing Internship: Pre-Professional Writing Skills Internship 101
ENGL388R Writing Internship: Romantic Circles 101
ENGL388T Writing Internship: MITH Internships 101
ENGL388W Writing Internship: Writing Center Internship 101
ENGL390 Science Writing General
ENGL391 Advanced Composition General
ENGL391H Advanced Composition for Honors Program Students General
ENGL392 Legal Writing General
ENGL393 Technical Writing General
ENGL393H Technical Writing for Honors Program Students General
ENGL393X Technical Writing for English as a Second Language Students General
ENGL394 Business Writing General
ENGL395 Writing for Health Professions General
ENGL396 Intermediate Fiction Workshop 101
ENGL397 Intermediate Poetry Workshop 101
ENGL398A Writing for the Arts General
ENGL398C Writing Case Studies and Narratives General
ENGL398E Writing about Economics General
ENGL398L Scholarly Writing in the Humanities General
ENGL398N Writing for Non-Profit Organizations General
ENGL398R Writing Non-Fictional Narratives General
ENGL398V Writing about the Environment General
ENGL402 Chaucer 101
ENGL403 Shakespeare: The Early Works 101
ENGL404 Shakespeare: The Later Works 101
ENGL408 The Battle of the Sexes (or, "Are Women Writers of the Renaissance Any Good?") 101
ENGL428T Poetry and Translation 101
ENGL428X The "Solitude" of the New World: The Marvelous, the Fantastic, and Magic Realism 101
ENGL428Y Book 2.0: The History of the Book and the Future 101
ENGL429 Independent Research/Study in English General
ENGL430 American Literature, Beginning to 1810 101
ENGL437 Contemporary American Literature 101
ENGL446 Post-Modern British and American Poetry 101
ENGL452 English Drama from 1660 to 1800 101
ENGL457 The Modern Novel 101
ENGL459Q Queer Conceptions of Race 101
ENGL462 Folksong and Ballad 101
ENGL470 African American Literature: Beginning to 1910 101
ENGL477 Studies in Mythmaking 101
ENGL479C Literature of the Civil Rights Movement 101
ENGL479F Literature of the Chicano Movement 101
ENGL479G Caribbean Women Writers 101
ENGL479V Victorian Fin de Siecle 101
ENGL482 History of the English Language 101
ENGL487 Foundations of Rhetoric 101
ENGL488 Writing the Personal Research Essay 101
ENGL489P Language and Politics 101
ENGL489R Rhetoric of Style 101
ENGL495 Independent Study in Honors General
ENGL498 Advanced Fiction Workshop 101
ENGL499 Advanced Poetry Workshop 101