Other Funding Opportunities

The CMLT Program encourages its students to apply for outside funding. Outside fellowship and grants add to the prestige of the student’s dossier and can supply funding for an extended dissertation-writing period. Some of these outside funding opportunities will be announced via e-mail; however, students interested in outside funding should be prepared to research other opportunities.

Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowships provide support to outstanding doctoral students at “mid-career,” that is, in the period approximately before, during, or after achievement of candidacy. These students are eligible for summer funding to research and write the prospectus or to prepare for the qualifying exams. Please pay close to your e-mail for deadline information, as the department deadlines for application are earlier than the final Graduate School deadlines.

Beginning in the Summer of 2015, the Department of English will award two $5k Summer Fellowships funded by an endowed bequest from the estate of Louise Kwiatek, establishing scholarships for UMD students in English, in memory of her late daughter, Vivien L. Kwiatek, PhD '74. The MOU of the bequest stipulates that it "shall be used to provide annual scholarship support for one or more undergraduate or graduate students in the Department of English at the University. Recipients shall be selected by a committee of faculty appointed by the Chair of the Department of English or his/her designee on the basis of financial need, as demonstrated by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and academic merit." For the Kwiatek Graduate Summer Fellowship, all graduate students in English (including PhDs, MAs, and MFAs), as well as in Comparative Literature will be eligible to apply. However, only students who are able to demonstrate financial need by way of a filed and approved FAFSA can be considered.

Also, for potential summer jobs and graduate assistantships, please visit University of Maryland's eJobs site.