Comparative Literature Essay Prize Winners

The Comparative Literature Program is happy to announce the recipients of the past Essay Prize competitions. Details of the Essay Prize and instructions for submission for this year's competition will be forthcoming. Congratulations to the past winners, and best of luck to those who plan to submit entries in the future!


Transgression, Vengeance, and Brutality: Elements of Ovid’s Actaeon Lurking in Oates’ “The Sons of Angus MacElster" by Allison Goldstein-Berger and The Etruscan Link by Talia Chicherio


Contemporary Iranian Cinema at the Intersection of Arts and Politics: Granaz Moussavi’s Aesthetic and Political Vision in My Tehran for Sale by Niloo Sarabi


“I Finde Myself Scattered”: The Body as a Book in John Donne by Stephen Rojcewicz


"The Stylistic Virtues of Clarity and Obscurity in Augustine of Hippo's De doctrina christiana" by K. Martin Camper.


"Who is Frantz Fanon Haunting? Reading Mayotte Capecia and Jamaica Kincaid in the shadow of Peau noire, masques blancs" by Jeremy Metz