Course Requirements

The CMLT Program requires ten courses, completed in four semesters of coursework. These courses will establish coverage in English and one other language’s literature. These requirements include ENGL602 (Critical Theory and Literary Criticism), ENGL 611 (Approaches to College Composition), one graduate level course with significant engagement with historical perspectives; two CMLT designated seminars, one of which concerns the history and theory of media (e.g. film, history of the book, digital studies), and five remaining course, selected with Director and Advisor. If appropriate graduate classes are not
offered in your non-English language of choice, you may substitute independent studies or 400 level courses, with the Comparative Literature Director’s permission.  

At the end of each semester of coursework, you must meet with the Director and your advising team to fill out your self-evaluation form, which can be found on the website under Paperwork and Deadlines.