Administer Your Grant

Guidelines for Recipients of a CLCS Grant

Congratulations on having received a grant. We are pleased that you are contributing in this way to the intellectual life of our department.

Here are some guidelines to help you as you plan and execute your initiative. Please contact Karen Nelson ( and Edlie Wong ( if you have any questions.

  • Scheduling: To reserve a room in Tawes, please submit your request to
  • Department Calendar: To add your event to the department's web calendar, send information to Please include date, time, speaker name, title, and event sponsors.
  • Coordinate any publicity with Karen Nelson ( and inform her as soon as the date is set for your event.
  • Please credit the Center for Literary and Comparative Studies, English Department on any publicity.
  • Contact Shannon Bobbitt ( to arrange payment prior to spending any funds to ensure that all authorizations are in place.
    • Guidelines, recommendations for caterers, and forms are available here.
    • Some purchases (books, some catering, travel and accommodations, theater tickets) can be made directly through the Business Office
    • Others expenditures will be reimbursed.
    • In all cases, provide receipts and a list of participants to Rebecca Sommer after the event.
  • For honoraria given to invited speakers, we suggest the following scale:
    • $400 for assistant professors;
    • $500 for associate professors;
    • $600 for full professors.
    • You may use the honorarium template for the letter. 
    • The speaker will need to return the letter with their original signature and SSN for any payment.
    • If the person is not a US Citizen, please contact the Business Office for additional paperwork.
    • The University does not ordinarily pay honoraria to its own full-time faculty or staff.
  • If a speaker requires a contract to be signed (rather than an honorarium letter), please contact the Business Office.  Any contracts (including those for speakers, but also any you might set up with Marriott or other businesses) must be signed by Procurement. Send them to the Business Office at least 6-8 weeks before the event.
  • If you need to make arrangements for travel or accommodations, please contact Susie Underland ( in the Business Office first.
  • If you receive additional funding or co-sponsorships, please inform CLCS so that we may help publicize and alert the Business Office so they may track funds received. 

Please submit a report of the event and any photographs to the Center within a week of your event. Future funding is contingent on CLCS receiving your report.

The department's Business Office offers excellent guidance and forms to support special events. Please visit their page, here, for additional information.

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