Beyond the Classroom Grants

Submit proposals by February 1, 2019 for Spring 2019.

Purpose | Applications | Reporting | Eligibility


These funds assist instructors as they build intellectual community for undergraduates and foster an energetic department climate. Funds might be used to support such activities as to visit a museum or theater, bring a speaker to a class, organize an undergraduate research conference, or offset costs associated with printing poster-sized research displays at McKeldin Library.

The "Project Description" included with the proposal submission should articulate the connections between the instructor's learning goals and the activity and/or should outline how the project enhances the sense of community within the English department. Priority will be given to projects that develop the sense of scholarly undergraduate community within the department. 

Applications of no more than 500 words in sum may be submitted via this page and should include:

  • an outline of the proposed project;
  • estimated participation;
  • total cost of the project;
  • a breakdown of costs associated with the project

Reporting: At the end of the project, the instructor or students will submit a short (e.g. one page or less) report to be used as a news item on the department's web page and social media. Include a list of participants and a photograph or two, with such caption information as first names of those pictured, the course involved, and the location of the activity. Secure students' permission to post their photographs on the web prior to submitting the photographs.

Eligibility: All tenure-line faculty, professional track faculty, professors of the practice, members of the core Comparative Literature faculty, and graduate student instructors are eligible for Beyond the Classroom grants.  

This call for proposals for Beyond the Classroom Grants is separate from the annual Fall & Spring call for proposals for Academic Program Grants (Center funding of talks, events, and organizations in the department). It is also separate from Faculty Research and Writing Groups

For more information, contact Edlie Wong,



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