Exempting 101 by Course Equivalency

If you transferred college-level coursework in composition or writing from outside the University of Maryland, you may be able to pursue an exemption to English 101 by seeking a course equivalency, an MHEC Waiver, or a portfolio review. For information about course equivalencies, MHEC Waivers, and/or portfolio reviews, please contact the administrative coordinator in the Academic Writing Office (301-405-3771) or email us at academic-writing@umd.edu

How Do I Know if a Course Is Equivalent to 101?

The Transfer Credit Center can provide you with information about course equivalencies and information about admission to the University of Maryland.  For questions about transfer credit, you may contact an advisor by phone at 301-314-8413 or 301-314-8256.  For questions about transfer admission, you may call 301-314-8385. 

If your course has not been reviewed, you may submit course materials (including a full schedule of readings or syllabus) to help us to determine how to classify your course.  The Transfer Credit Center will provide you with information on how to proceed.

You may be surprised that the first-year composition course you took does not transfer to the University of Maryland or transfers as L1, which indicates a lower-level elective credit.  Several factors determine whether a course is equivalent. 

To be equivalent, a course must demonstrate...

  • A significant level of research (we require 20 bibliographic items, most from scholarly publications, on our own position paper assignment). A minimum of two 8-12 page, scholarly-research-driven formal writing assignments are required for a course to be even considered for meeting the University of Maryland's Fundamental Studies in Academic Writing requirement. There are four formal writing assignments, totaling a minimum of twenty-five pages, that are driven by scholarly research in English 101 at UMD.
  • A clear focus on rhetoric, argumentation, and critical thinking.
  • An attention to issues of audience, counterargument, and exigence.
  • Extensive practice in revision.