“Embodying Sound: Performances of Queer and Raced Expectations”

Embodying Sound: Performances of Queer and Raced Expectations” 
Jarah Moesch, Cameron Mozafari, Michelé Prince, and Melissa Rogers, University of Maryland
Women’s Studies Multimedia Studio, 0135 Taliaferro Hall 

"What does it mean to hear race? What does it mean to sound queer? How might we develop artifacts that help us to explore aurality in relationship to the visual landscape of queered and raced bodies? This workshop will take on these questions as platforms for exploration. Participants will analyze storytelling and performances that structure everyday expectations around race and queerness. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to identify and record local, ambient, or digital sounds and narrative bytes in order to think through the political implications of not only cultural practices like telling and listening, but also those such as (re)playing, (re)mixing, and sampling."