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Sound+ Poster Sessions
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Posters will be displayed in the second floor hallways of Tawes Hall.

Michael Lee Austin, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor of Media, Journalism, and Film, Howard University, School of Communications
"(Re-)Performing Networked Texts: What Sound Art Projects and Data Sonification Can Teach Us About Online Communication"

Karine Bouchard
Ph.D. Student, Universite de Montréal, Art History
"Sound Into the Museum: Exhibition Catalogues and Discourses"

Lisa Chinn
Ph.D. Student, Emory University, Dept. of English
"Sounding Post-War Little Magazines: Representing Ephemerality and Improvisation"

Paul Cote
Ph.D. Candidate, UMD, Dept. of English
"Encountering Sonic Memories: Sound, Childhood, and Escapism in Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

Ian Dunham
Independent Scholar
"Man and Machine"

Annika Eisenberg
Ph.D. Student, Goethe University Frankfurt
"The Sound of L.A. Noir"

Paul Fess
Ph.D Candidate, CUNY, Dept. of English/Am. Studies
"Lead Belly, in the Archive"

Seth Forrest, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor, Coppin State University, Dept. of Humanities
"Noise Poetics: Modernist Poetry in the Age of Technological Reproduction"

Bilan Hashi
M.A. Candidate, Queen's University, Gender Studies
"Re-Imagining Aural Witnessing Through Diasporic Somali Poetry"

Jonna McKone
MFA Student, Duke University, Experimental and Documentary Arts
"Documentary Form: Fragments of the Past and Present through Sound"

Soundbox (Darren Mueller, Mary Caton Lingold and Whitney Anne Trettien)
Ph.D. Students, Duke University, Depts. of English and Music  
"Soundbox Presents: Provoke!"

Asma Naeem Ph.D.
Lecturer, UMD, Art History
"'Where the Men Talked and the Women Listened:' The Silence of Dewing's Women" 

Matthew Perkins
Ph.D. Student, UCLA, Department of  Cinema and Media Studies
"Crossover Dribble: Televisuality in Audio-Based Sports Media"
Carroll Clayton Savant
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Texas at Dallas
“’Whistle While You Work’: The Construction of the Myth of Englishness through the Working Soundscapes in George Eliot’s Adam Bede

Daniel Schwartz
Ph.D. Candidate, Johns Hopkins University, Humanities Center
"Cine-Ambulance vs. Power Station: Sound and Movement in Dziga Vertov’s Enthusiasm: The Donbass Symphony"

Jon Stone
Ph.D. candidate, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Rhetoric and Cultural Historiography
"Recording Race: Memory and Mystery in the Library of Congress's Folklife Archive"

Rafael Velloso
Fulbright Visiting Scholar, UMD, College Park
"Voices of Americas – The Sound of the Radio Programs about Folk Music in Brazil and USA under the Pan American Policy (1936-1945)"

Shannon Werle
Graduate Student, Dartmouth College, Digital Musics Program
"The Sound of Tokyo Street Cafes"