Senior Profile: Andrew Katz

Senior Andy PatzAndrew Katz is an English and Finance double major with a Secondary Education minor.

Why did you decide to become an English major?

It challenged me to think in ways I wasn't comfortable with or confident in, which was unbelievably healthy. Unlike Finance, I wasn't good at English, but pursued it becuase I loved it and knew the value it could bring.

What clubs, campus groups, internships, outside of class projects have you been involved with? Do you have any leadership roles in these groups?

I'm an Honors 100 Colloquium Instructor, a Fintech Research Assistant, ATĪ© member, and substitute teacher at Lowell School and have served on both the UMD Senate & the SGA.

What has been your favorite class in English and why?

Impossible to answer but I'll offer up a few: First, Dr. Rudy's Victorian Literature course, Dr. Wyatt's Hemingway course, & Dr. Chico's Postmodern Enlightenment. These professors are some of the most wonderfully encouraging and brilliant scholars I've ever met.

Each engaged, fostered, and furthered my interdisciplinary curiostiy while of course, broadening my perspective and influencing my writing and thinking.

What is something you read during class that impacted your worldview?  

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. The memoir reveals so much awfulness in people and in our country, but heroically exemplifies the boundless potential and power of persistence.

A rhythmic writing style, a better understanding of how we interact with others, and an incredible amount of knowledge.

What is your dream job or career?

To be a Foreign Commercial Services Officer.

What are you passionate about (or even curious about)?

Cultural exchange, economic development, the world, and its people.

To you, what has been the most valuable part of the English major?

Impossible to answer; the entire journey has been spectacular.