Keynote: Lisa Flores, "El Otro Lado: On Mobility and Stoppage"

2019.06.06 Lisa Flores, Keynote Address, Rhetoric Society of America InstituteLisa Flores, Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Colorado Boulder, will offer the keynote address, "El Otro Lado: On Mobility and Stoppage," on Thursday, June 6, 2019.

ABSTRACT: "El Otro Lado: On Mobility and Stoppage"

Movement. Mobility. Concepts that have long generated both rhetorical interdisciplinary interest. How movement is detailed, described, recounted, and assessed is critical to how individuals and social groups are imagined and understood. For some of us-those of us typically located at or crossing borders—such mobility is perpetually figured as chaotic and frenetic, uncontrolled and immense. As border rhetoric scholars have made clear, public accounts of border movement, at least within the U.S. national imaginary, have become so typified as to be almost trite in the ways they call forth invasion and danger. Yet in our rhetorical attention to the frenzies of border mobilities, we have failed to account fully for el otro lado of mobility. Attentive to a range of bordered spaces, I call for rhetorical attention to stoppage and offer sets of questions that rhetorical scholars might consider as we look to im/mobility.

Lisa A. Flores is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Colorado.  Her research and teaching interests lie in rhetoric, critical race studies, and gender/queer studies. Her most recent work examines historic narratives of immigrants and immigration, mapping an argument of race making, particular at the intersections of nation, citizenship, and labor. She is has twice received the Rose B. Johnson article of the year award from the Southern States Communication Association. In addition, she is also the recipient of the Latino/a Scholar of the year award from NCA’s Latina/Latino Communication Studies Division, the Young Scholar Activist Award from the same division, the New Investigator Award from NCA’s Rhetoric and Communication Theory Division, and the Wallace Award, from NCA. She has published in Text and Performance Quarterly, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Critical Studies in Media Communication, and the Quarterly Journal of Speech. Currently, Lisa is the book review editor for the Quarterly Journal of Speech and the forum editor for Women’s Studies in Communication.