In Play Posters


Winners of the poster competition:

  • Javon K. Goard, Undergraduate, Sociology, UMD
  • Kathryn Kaczmarek Doctoral Student, iSchool, UMD
  • Nicole Scalise Doctoral Student, Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology, UMD


  1. LaRonika Thomas (Theatre, Dance, Performance Studies, UMD): "'Quicken Trees into Life': ASMRtists, Play, and Embodied Response in the Digital World" [2120s Hallway]
  2. Dan Dilliplane (Theatre, Dance, Performance Studies, UMD), Brittany Ginder (Theatre, Dance, Performance Studies, UMD), and Patrick Young (Theatre, Dance, Performance Studies, UMD): "Questions & Conversations on Play" [2120s Hallway]
  3. Kathryn Gaverth (Aerospace Game Design Club, UMD) and Andrew Becnel (Aerospace Game Design Club, UMD): "Games and Grades: How Play Affects Academic Performance" [2120s Hallway]
  4. Katie C. Sopoci Drake (Dance, UMD): "Telephone Dance Project: Playing with Structure in Collaboration" [2120s Hallway]
  5. Aaron Suduiko (Philosophy, Harvard College): "Understanding Quantum Mechanics and the Significance of the Player in BioShock Infinite" [2300s Hallway]
  6. Kenyon Crowle (iSchool & Business, UMD), Ritu Agarwal (Business, UMD), Goudong "Gordon" Gao (Business, UMD), Nanette Steinle (Baltimore Veteran's Administration), Arie Kruglanski (Psychology, UMD), Michelle Dugas (Psychology, UMD), Charles Song (UMD): "Winning at Diabetes through Gamification: Towards Personality-Based Adaptive Game Play" [2300s Hallway]
  7. Liese Zahabi (Art, UMD): "Play in the Interaction Design Classroom as an Activity" [2300 Hallway]
  8. Matthew Kirschenbaum (English & MITH, UMD): "Introducing Zones of Control: Perspectives on Wargaming" [2300s Hallway]
  9. Nicole Scalise (Human Development & Quantitative Methodology, UMD), Emily Daubert (Human Development & Quantitative Methodology, UMD), and Geetha Ramani (Human Development & Quantitative Methodology, UMD): "More Than Just Fun & Games: Promoting Early Math Learning with Numerical Card Play" [2300s Hallway]
  10. Katherine Kaczmarek (iSchool, UMD): "Adapting DUST: Replayability of Educational Alternate Reality Games" [2300s Hallway]
  11. A. Pellicone (iSchool, UMD), B. Bonsignore (iSchool, UMD), K. Kraus (iSchool & English, UMD), D. Hansen (Computer Science, Brigham Young University), K. Kaczmarek (English, UMD), J. Ahn (iSchool & Education, UMD): "Sketchventor: The Creation of A Design Focused Game" [2300s Hallway]
  12. Emily N. Daubert, Geetha B. Ramani, Susanne M. Jaeggi, Martin Buschkuehl (Education, UMD): "Domain-Specific and Domain-General Training to Improve Kindergarten Children's Mathematics" [2300s Hallway]
  13. James Brown, Robert Emmons, Adam Nash, Kelley Riley, Jessica Katiz, Josh Feinbaum, Steven Gussman, Abby Cometz, Jesse Wheeler, Kate Blair (Sinister Rooster Game Studio, Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Center): "SNIP: A Production of Sinister Rooster" [2100s Hallway]
  14. Katherine Worboys Izsak (Terrorism Studies, UMD): "HOME: A Dice, Card-, and Board-Game Designed to Explore Cultural Assimilation and Integration Issues" [2100s Hallway]
  15. Virginia C. Salo (Human Development & Quantatitve Methodology, UMD), Kenneth H. Rubin (Human Development & Quantitative Methodology, UMD), Meredith L. Rowe (Education, Harvard University): "Hands-on Theatrical Experience and Children's Pretend Play" [2100s Hallway]
  16. Javon K. Goard (Sociology, UMD): "Gaming the Gamers: Gender & Racial Portrayals in Popular Videogame Trailers" [2100s Hallway]
  17. James Coltrain (History & Digital Research in the Humanities, University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and Stephen Ramsay (English & Digital Research in the Humanities, University of Nebraska-Lincoln): "'Cassius': A Narrative Fiction 3D Videogame as Scholarly Public History" [In 2123 Tawes]

2016.03.04: In Play